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Upviral Review - Best review (1)

UpViral Review – What is it and How does it Even Work? (Ultimate Review)

UpViral is a viral referral system that claims to improve your traffic, leads, and sales through the different features of the program.

Referral marketing is not new, but it can generate great results for all types of businesses.

In this UpViral review, you will discover how exactly it works and the features that will help you get the attention of your target audience.

What Is UpViral?

Upviral Review

UpViral looks like an email marketing tool with special features that will help you get referrals and go viral.

You can manage all the tasks of a viral referral marketing method from your dashboard.

It includes features that allow you to create campaigns, send emails, edit landing pages, track results, and test different elements of your pages.

You can use UpViral to run contests, giveaways, and product launches. 

People can participate in your contests and get rewards if they share a link with their friends.

Then, their referrals will do the same thing, and your campaigns will get more attention.

They share your link because they get something of value, so it’s a win-win situation.

The features and pre-made templates make UpViral special and not just another marketing tool.

It is simple to use, and you can easily find everything you need for your contests in the members’ area.

How Does It Work?

UpViral combines viral marketing and referral marketing.

Referral marketing is the traditional word-of-mouth marketing.

When you offer something of value, people are happy with your business and suggest it to other people.

You probably need a good product or service to achieve that.

In this case, your contest gives a lot of value and requests a simple action in exchange.

Viral marketing is added to the process with the social media shares that you ask from your referrals.

It will give you more engagement and views in your contests and the opportunity to reach even more people.

How To Create A Campaign Using UpViral

UpViral has a strategy and pre-made templates that you can use for your campaigns.

Instead of trying to figure out everything, you can follow a method that works.

The creators of the program have already tested the templates that you can use to get results.

It is the right option when you don’t want to mess with anything technical or don’t have to spend much time on it.

You can create a new campaign or integrate with other tools that you already use.

Once you set up the system, it works in a few simple steps.

Your subscribers get an email with a referral link that they can share. If they get referrals, you send their reward.

The new referrals become subscribers and get new links that they can use to promote your business as well.

Of course, you need a landing page to collect email addresses and some automated follow-up emails.

Landing Page and Thank You Page

When users click on the referral links, they visit the landing page, and some of them will subscribe to your list.

Then, they will get redirected to the thank you page.

While you can get the pages from the templates, it’s quite easy to edit them.

You can change the copy and edit the elements with the drag and drop features of UpViral.

Some editing would make these pages to look unique, but it is not necessary.

Social Sharing

You can customize how your offers will look on social media.

People will decide to participate in your contest and subscribe to your list based on these offers.

You can add your titles, descriptions, and images.

You can also test different versions of your offers to improve your results.

Add Giveaways

Users can add giveaways by uploading the reward and filling in a simple form.

It’s possible to add multiple rewards that people can earn as they keep getting referrals for you.

Each reward will require different points that you can decide based on the value of the reward and the activity you expect from your referrals.

Important Features Of UpViral

1. Email Automation

Email Automation​ - upviral review

Emails will be a big part of your viral marketing strategy.

UpViral includes all the important options that you need to automate the process.

You can send emails based on users’ actions and add social media buttons to help the subscribers share their links with one click.

The subscribers will get alerts if they don’t reach their goals or alerts for the next goal.

In both cases, you motivate them to share their links and continue the process.

You can set long-term campaigns that include a number of triggered emails and steps for your subscribers.

2. A/B Split Testing

AB testing Upviral Review

A/B testing lets us know what it works on a page and what improvements we can make.

You will need to test every element of your pages and make changes when needed.

If you don’t use A/B testing in your existing pages, you lose opportunities for more leads and sales.

A/B split testing is important for any online tool that includes landing pages and email copy.

UpViral allows you to test everything.

It creates two versions of your landing pages and check which one will get better results.

You can test colors, images, calls-to-actions, copy, and your offers.

3. Turn Your Email List Into A Lead Source

Transitioning current email lists into leads

UpViral will turn every subscriber into an affiliate of your business because they expect a reward when they promote it.

This is the point of referral marketing, and emails should help you reach this goal.

The emails include social media buttons that can share their referral links in one click.

Their friends and followers on social media will see these posts and get interested in your business.

The same process repeats with every new subscriber. 

ach subscriber can get multiple referrals and help your business grow automatically.

4. Referral Link System

If you use the referral link that you can get from UpViral, you can create a points-based system that will reward people based on their performance.

When you request a task from them, some people can put more effort than others and must be rewarded.

For example, if someone brings ten referrals, he should get more points than someone who brings two referrals.

You can give them points based on their results that will increase or decrease the chances of winning the contest.

You can also request multiple actions and give different points for each completed action.

Your options with the referral link system are unlimited.

5. Highly Customizable Rewards System

Customizable rewards system

You can offer different rewards for each action or goal.

For example, you can give a small discount once they send two referrals and increase the discount as they get even more referrals.

It will motivate people to take action and reach their goals faster.

The rewards system allows you to give rewards for very small actions as well.

For example, you can give them free content once they share a link.

People have a hard time taking the first step. It will help you if you make it easier for them.

6. Easy Setup

Simple setup - Upviral Review

It is easy to automate all the parts of the process.

The winners can be selected and rewarded automatically.

You can schedule and manage multiple contests without approving every step that could be a little time-consuming.

UpViral will end the contest and reward the winner based on their points or actions.

The winners will get a notification automatically.

It allows them to get their reward in time and continue with the next steps. 

So, you just need to schedule the contest and decide the rewards. UpViral will handle the next steps.

7. Social Sharing

Social Sharing_ - Upviral Review

Viral marketing requires shares from other people on social media.

If you follow the strategy of UpViral and use the tools, people will want to share your contests and links.

Then, it must be easy for them to share the links because people avoid complicated things.

UpViral includes social media buttons for different networks.

The user can share the requested links in one click.

They have control over the shared content.

They can be creative, add their description, and there are user-selected options to make the process easier.

8. Integration With Existing Tools

Integration With Existing Tools​ - Upviral Review

If you already have created campaigns on other tools that you want to keep using, you must integrate into UpViral.

There is no reason to lose something that works. UpViral can integrate with most popular email marketing tools like Aweber, GetResponse, and MailChimp.

You can use your autoresponder with UpViral as well. Sending your personalized follow-up emails with a referral link is recommended for this strategy.

Then, you will get real-time analytics with open rates, click-through rates, and the number of referrals.

9. Automated Security and Tracking

Some people try to cheat on online contests.

Usually, they don’t add value to your campaigns, but just try to get free stuff.

They may create fake accounts or use other unethical techniques.

You probably want to avoid these people and focus on real referrals.

UpViral has an automated security system that eliminates fraud and cheating.

It uses IP tracking and cookies to understand the behavior of each participant

 You can track and manage all your activity from your dashboard.

Tracking shows you if a campaign works as expected.

10. Mobile Optimization

Many people use their mobile phones to log in on their social media accounts.

If you use tools that can work with mobile, you can reach more people from your target audience and get better results.

UpViral is 100% mobile optimized and can be used for Windows, iOS, and Android. 

Is UpViral A Good Option For Your Business?

UpViral can work for all types of businesses that want to reach their target audience online.

You just need to adjust the rewards from the contests in your own needs.

For example, if you have an e-commerce business or a brick and mortar business, you can give them discounts as rewards for referrals.

If you sell digital products or run a digital agency, you can offer a free webinar or a sample of your product.

UpViral allows you to be creative with rewards and find the best option for your business.

How Much Does It Cost?

UpViral has three pricing plans based on the numbers of traffic that you expect to get and the features that you will use.

It has both monthly and yearly plans.

The yearly plans have a discount because you order for many months in advance.

  • The started plan costs $49 per month. You can add up to 10,000 participants.
  • The business plan costs $79 per month. You can add up to 25,000 participants, and it includes A/B testing that is important to optimize your contests.
  • The premium plan costs $199 per month. You can add up to 100,000 participants and includes all the features.

UpViral offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You can send an email to support that request for a refund if the tool doesn’t work for you.

Does UpViral Include Support?

UpViral has many videos with step-by-step instructions and information on how to use the available features.

You will not need extra help most of the time.

However, there is a knowledge base with common questions.

It includes answers to simple questions that are relevant to the process.

For technical problems or problems with your account, you can submit a ticket.

A real person from support will read that ticket and try to solve the problem.


UpViral is a special program that helps you to create a referral marketing campaign on the internet.

It gives you tools, templates, and the information you need to get started.

You can find many of the features that you could find on an email marketing automation tool or funnel builder tool.

So, you will have no problem following up on your referrals and creating nice landing pages.

The only task that you need to do is to create the rewards of your referrals.

You create and upload them once.

Then, all the other parts of the process are fully automated.

Hope you enjoyed this Upviral Review, Join the free webinar to learn even more

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