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Traffic Secret Review – How Do You Get The Right Traffic (2020)

Traffic Secret Review – How Do You Get The Right Traffic (2020)

For marketing professionals that are looking to becoming successful should be getting a lot of traffic to their websites daily. 

Without any traffic, they won’t be able to make any profit. However, it will take a lot of time and effort to have the right amount of individuals visiting their website each day.

Sadly, not many people know how to get enough traffic properly. 

That is where the new book ‘Traffic Secrets’ comes into the picture. 

This inclusive book teaches individuals on how they can effectively get more traffic and enough visitors on their website every single day. 

This book is written by Russell Brunson, who is a successful entrepreneur and has earned millions of dollars by sharing his knowledge with the rest of the world. 

Through this book, people will get to know all of the ways that they can create a sales funnel that is ideal for them. 

He has provided tips and details on how individuals can increase the growth of their business in no time. 

Russell Brunson, himself, has received a lot of training when it comes to getting more traffic. 

Therefore, in his book, he wanted to share this useful information with the rest of the world. 

If you want to know more details about this book and if this is something you want to pursue in the future then this comprehensive review will give you all of the information that you need regarding this book.

The Author: Who is Russell Brunson

The Author Who is Russell Brunson​

Russell Brunson is an author, a coach, a digital marketing entrepreneur, a father, and a husband.

He has made his fortune thanks to his numerous establishments in the world of online marketing over the years, and in the process he has impacted millions of people.

He is the co-founder of a sales funnel building software called ClickFunnels

At the moment, this software has more than a hundred thousand users and according to Forbes it is valued at a whopping $360 million. 

In addition to all this, Russell Brunson has published several books, from which two of those books sold millions of copies and were best-sellers. 

They were called ‘DotCom Secrets’ and ‘Expert Secrets’, and each of these books come with their purpose and marketing strategies.

What Is ‘Traffic Secrets’ Exactly About?

This book was written so that it can help people get more traffic, meaning their dream customers, into their websites and funnels.

This latest book by Russell Brunson provides proven strategies on how a person can drive traffic to their online business or sales funnel to grow their business. 

The ‘Traffic Secrets’ book shouldn’t be confused with the ‘Traffic Secrets’ course. 

However, this book is highly inspired by the course itself, which was made by John Reese; hence the book is bound to have a couple of aspects taken from the course itself. 

Moreover, Russell Brunson has been working on this book for quite some time now; therefore you can surely find a plethora of hacks, knowledge, and secrets in this book.

What Can You Find Inside This Book?

Traffic Secret Review – How Do You Get The Right Traffic

Throughout the whole book, the reader is going to be learning the strategies for:

  • Understanding who exactly are their dream customers.
  • Where do they interact on the internet.
  • How you can create the perfect hook to get their attention, make them drive into your funnel, and then provide them with the products or services that you have to offer.

Furthermore, within this book, the author has shared twenty of his best secrets when it comes to getting more traffic into your funnels. 

Here is what else you can expect to find inside the pages of this book:

First Section: Your Dream Customer

Secret Number One: The reader learns how they can exactly identify their dream customers and enter the conversation that has already started in their mind, so they know exactly how they can serve their customers.

Secret Number Two: The reader learns how they can discover where their dream customers are hiding online, so they can find them and pull those customers into their funnels. 

Secret Number Three: The reader learns how they can get their dream customers to stop whatever it is that they were doing, even if they are extremely busy, and focus all of their attention on the readers’ story, and eventually take them up on their offer. 

Secret Number Four: The reader learns two ways through which they can get their message right in front of their dream customers, so that they can turn them into their traffic that they can message countless number of times and that too for free.  

Secret Number Five: The reader learns about the best kind of traffic that is out there. Plus, the number one way to safeguard their business against any kind of changes, like on Google, Facebook, or any other algorithm changes that might take place. 

Secret Number Six: The readers get to learn about the invisible second funnel that’s unknown to a lot of the people. The very first time customers go through your funnel, the percentage of potential sales is only 19%. The rest of the 81% of your potential sales will be determined by this invisible second funnel.

Secret Number Seven: The readers will learn about how they can get their partners to not only promote their products for them, but also respond to their e-mails and calls quickly and be excited to send them their traffic for free.

Second Section: Fill Your Funnel

Secret Number Eight: The readers get to learn how they can get a lot of free traffic from the platforms of other people, who already have their dream customers, and lead those customers into your funnel.

Secret Number Nine: The readers learn why they should get off the insane traffic roller-coaster and focus on getting more consistency in their market and at the same time send a plethora of visitors to fill their funnel.

Secret Number Ten: The readers get to learn about a 3 to 5 minutes strategy that they can do daily to help them tap into the large pockets of their dream customers that are on social media but aren’t following them yet. Plus, they get to learn about the patterns that will make their dream customers engage with them and follow them.

Secret Number Eleven: The readers get to learn how they can use the greatest social party on the planet to funnel their dream customers into their world.

Secret Number Twelve: The readers will learn how they can leverage Google to get their customers to find them, instead of the readers chasing after the customers. 

Plus, they learn how they can make the customers search for them even if they don’t know who the readers are just yet.

Secret Number Thirteen: The readers learn about the six steps that Russell Brunson uses to create remarkable content that will serve their audience for their whole lives. Plus, the view count will continue rising daily.

Secret Number Fourteen: The readers learn about how they can come out of a difficult situation and get in front of traffic trends. This was the exact blueprint that was used as they observed every latest traffic opportunity.

Secret Number Fifteen: The readers learn how they can fuel all of their social media assets that they will need each week, hence they can immediately reuse it as unique content, which fits each of their social platform.

Third Section: Growth Hacking

Secret Number Sixteen: The readers get to learn about the ‘hub’ style landing page, because of which the PR agencies would want to push traffic into it. 

Hence, the readers audience will get to learn more about them, their company, their products, and how they can help those audiences.

Secret Number Seventeen: The readers get to learn about three strategies that they can use and tap into the distribution channels of other people. Hence, they can plug their products into the brand new audience streams, directly. 

Secret Number Eighteen: The readers get to learn about the 5-step game plan to build a group of marketers, who will spend their own advertising money when it comes to promoting the products of the readers’. 

Plus, these marketers only get paid after they have made a sale.

Secret Number Nineteen: The readers will get to learn about the ‘Seven Phases Of A Funnel’, which will convert their cold traffic into their funnel. 

This means that people who aren’t even aware of the readers’ products will soon turn into hot qualified buyers, who will want the readers’ products way before hearing about the offer.

Secret Number Twenty: The readers will learn about three small adjustments used for growth that were inspired by the famous rapid-growth tech companies. 

These little hacks could leave a long-lasting effect when it comes to scaling a company.

What Else Does This Book Help With?

‘Traffic Secrets’ offers its readers helpful insights that can take their businesses to another level. 

With Russell Brunson’s guidance and a plethora of knowledge, the readers can learn all of the tips and tricks that they could ever need. 

Listed below are some of the other aspects that the book teaches its readers. 

  • Set Goals For Yourself

The readers will learn how important it is to document everything when they set specific goals for themselves. 

It is important to set these goals for yourself, because then you do the hard work to achieve them and at the same time hold yourself accountable for all the things that need to be completed.

  • Start Your Journey With A Positive And Optimistic Attitude 

When you decide to build an online business, it is always best that you begin that journey with a positive and optimistic attitude. 

Yes, there will be times when frustrations will take over and you will feel stressed; however that shouldn’t discourage you from going after what you truly want and get things done. 

You are going to learn the importance of staying positive, disciplined, and having a lot of patience. 

  • Get Your Website Started

If you haven’t created a website just yet, then this book offers great advice when it comes to choosing your domain and designing your website for it to look good. 

Majority of the individuals that show interest in ‘Traffic Secrets’ tend to already have websites; however some people are still getting started.  

  • Targeting And Analytics

In this book, you also learn how you can target the right kind of people according to your niche and sub-niche. 

You get to learn how you can use Google Analytics properly and to your advantage thanks to all of the data it provides. 

  • How To Use Specific Codes, Tools, And Scripts 

The readers also get to learn about a couple of different scripts and codes that should be used on websites when you’re trying to get more traffic. 

Various types of beneficial and effective tools are mentioned in the book, which also includes the Google Tag Manager. It is a digital marketing tool that’s available for free. 

  • Stay Focused On Getting New Information

The readers get to learn how important it is to gain new information that’s going to help them get ahead of their competition. 

You are required to do a little bit of market research; however you might not know where to start. 

Thanks to this book, you now know how you can properly research to get all of the information that’s related to your target audience and your niche. 

This is how you are going to get way ahead of your competition. 

  • Recognizing The Importance Of Observing Others

The readers will discover the importance of observing the people that they’re targeting.

 You would want to know their opinions and study their feedback, even if that feedback is sometimes critical. 

It is important to know what they are thinking, what do they like, and what they don’t like, especially if you want to target those people. 

Once you’re more aware regarding your customers’ needs and wants, then that is when you can make the right kind of changes. 

  • Keep An Eye On The Competition

This clever yet simple strategy works for a lot of the people. 

You’re going to subscribe to your competition’s newsletters intentionally using a different e-mail because this way you can keep an eye on whatever it is that they’re doing and discover what works for them. 

Of course, you won’t be doing all this just to copy the competition; this is something that is going to teach you new things which can help in the future when it comes to getting ahead of the competition. 

  • Using Google Trends 

Thanks to Google, there are many free tools available that you can utilize for your use and get a lot more people to visit your website, such as the Google Trends tool and Google Alerts. 

You can use Google Trend and search for the specific keywords that’re trending, currently. 

When you have more insight into keywords that are trending, this could help you in creating optimized content that will improve the rankings that you have on Google, and at the same time you can come up with more creative ideas during that period. 

  • Examine How Others Advertise Their Products Or Services 

You will also discover how you can keep an eye on your competition and see how exactly do they advertise to their consumers. 

You get to view all of the different kinds of advertisements that they have displayed on Facebook and Google. 

Plus, on Facebook, you have the option to go through the advertisement library for free to see the various types of advertisements that are displayed on this social media website.

  • Learn How To Use The Correct Tags

You will also learn how you can use the hashtags properly. 

Certain business owners overuse the hashtag option and believe they know what they’re doing. However, that just ends up looking completely unprofessional. 

If you are looking to increase your visibility online, then one of the things you need to know is how you can correctly use the suitable hashtags. 

  • Visiting Forums

The book also lets its readers know the importance of visiting different forums. Commonly, forums are used so people can take part in discussions regarding different topics. 

You can look up forums that are about your specific niche to get information from the consumers, who might be interested to know about whatever you are selling.

  • Visiting The Websites That Are Meant For Freelancers 

This is another great strategy the readers can learn from this book. 

Not a lot of people think about doing this when they’re doing research regarding marketing purposes and trying to discover what is working and what isn’t. 

You can visit the websites that offer freelancers work and see what are the things that people usually ask for or need help with. 

If the clients are asking for certain kind of services, it’s probably because these services will benefit them when they’re on their journey of getting more traffic. Hence, you can take advantage of all of these findings. 

  • Creating Content: That Is Remarkable 

In the book, once the readers have moved on from learning about market research, they’re then going to learn about how they can create remarkable content. 

You need to create content that is great to grab the attention of your dream customers. 

Through great content, you can convince the people to subscribe to your newsletter, you can ask them to follow you on your social media, and then eventually they will buy products from your website.

Furthermore, the readers can also learn about additional elements to increase their knowledge if they want. 

For instance, learning how they can market through e-mailing, getting help and sponsorships from influencers, retargeting their traffic, making use of the right software.

Also learning how they can invest in high-quality advertisements on Facebook to get the exposure that they are looking for.

What Type Of People Should Read The ‘Traffic Secrets’ Book?

It should be noted that this book is a build-up of the concepts that were discussed in the previous two books, ‘DotCom Secrets’ and ‘Expert Secrets’. 

Hence, this book will greatly benefit the ones who have read the previous two as well.

However, even if you have not read the other two books, you can still benefit from reading ‘Traffic Secrets’. 

Though, if you can get your hands on the other two books before the launch of this one, you will gain the extra knowledge that comes with it.

Marketers, who have read the previous books, will inform you that ‘DotCom Secrets’ explains the scientific aspect of sales funnels and building a business online, while ‘Expert Secrets’ explains the art that’s behind building a brand, a business, and sales funnel. 

Then finally, the ‘Traffic Secrets’ book is said to explain the fuel that is used when it comes to driving traffic into a sales funnel and online business. 

Therefore, every entrepreneur needs to get their hands on this trilogy of books.

The people and businesses that will benefit the most from ‘Traffic Secrets’ are: 

  • Coaching and consulting businesses.
  • Local small businesses.
  • E-Commerce.
  • Info Products.
  • B2B.
  • Network marketing.
  • Non-profit.
  • Agency or Freelancers.
  • Blogging or affiliates.
  • People who are just getting started.

The Price Of The ‘Traffic Secrets’ Book

Currently, people who order the book have to only pay for the shipping, meaning the book itself is for zero dollars and is free. 

The shipping cost within the US is $9.95 and outside US it is $19.95. 

Furthermore, you also have the option to purchase the ‘Traffic Secrets’ audiobook, which you can get for $37.

Why Should Anyone Purchase ‘Traffic Secrets’?

Listed below are the reasons explaining why you need to purchase this book for the betterment of your business.

  • You Save Your Time

Indeed, there are numerous methods through which you can increase traffic and you can get these methods for free. 

But it should be noted that majority of the people are going through traffic problems. 

Hence, instead of searching for those methods, you can directly get them from experienced individuals, like Russell Brunson. 

It took this man almost fifteen years to figure out what does and doesn’t work. What you need at the moment are lessons from someone who has succeeded. 

  • You Save A Ton Of Money

As mentioned before, you are getting a plethora of knowledge for practically free, while others have to pay twice the amount on testing or consultants to help them do this.

  • You Avoid Any Additional Effort

You do not need to figure out all of this stuff by yourself. 

The book provides you the strategies you need to use and the proven templates that you can use and you are pretty much good to go. 

‘Traffic Secrets’ The Book VS ‘Traffic Secrets Course’

Often, people confuse the book with the course, and think that the book is just another version of it. 

Even though, the inside content is similar, the book and the course aren’t the same. 

Firstly, the ‘Traffic Secrets Course’ that was created by John Reese, was recently bought by Russell Brunson. 

Plus, this book explains Russell’s own experience and is written by him. 

Secondly, the course was launched in the year 2006 and the book will be launched in 2020. Hence, the knowledge and the information inside the book is going to be different.

Even though the course itself is great and still works, it is sort of outdated at this point. 

The ‘Traffic Secrets’ book is based on the market of today because as the world changes, so does the market. 

Plus, the book is filled with newer strategies and newer tactics that are going to help in getting great results.

Frequently Asked Questions About ‘Traffic Secrets’

Even though the tactics that explain how one can get more traffic changes pretty much daily, the strategies themselves have remained the same for a few decades.

The information inside this book has been written at a very strategic level, explaining concepts that are bound to work in the past, the present, and the future

The current time is the perfect time to purchase this book, since there is a lot of free time on your hands.

Plus, this book will tell you how you can acquire the number one skillset that’s needed for a business during both good and bad times to get more customers even in a time of crisis.

No, this is not the case at all.

Even though, one chapter of this book does mention the best strategies in details for Facebook, but the rest of the book is all about a complete traffic system.

This book mentions the remarkable strategies you can use and eventually master traffic from any of the platforms, which also includes any future ones.

Absolutely. There is a section towards the end of this book called ‘Growth Hacking’, which contains the best ways a person can get people to promote their products.

Plus, you pay those people after they have made a sale.

Even though it is recommended but it is not necessary to read the previous two books. This book is enough to teach its readers how they can get traffic to fill their funnels.

On the other hand, ‘DotCom Secrets’ does help you make those funnels better and ‘Expert Secrets’ is going to help make those funnels convert better.

At the end of the day, it all depends on you. The ‘Traffic Secrets’ book itself is more than enough.

If you cannot wait until you get the book, you have the option to purchase the audiobook, which is currently available.

With the audiobook, you also receive a PDF that contains all of the images from the book.

Therefore, while you are listening to your audiobook, you can follow along with the images.

Yes, absolutely.

This book contains the most detailed training on how one can drive massive traffic into their funnel.

Plus, it explains pixel tracking, Google Analytics, social media tags, keyword targeting, and so much more.

Conclusion And Final Thoughts

Listed below are the main takeaways from this review of ‘Traffic Secrets’. 

  1. This book is a collection of all of the information that Russell Brunson has gotten and the knowledge that he has gained over the years regarding traffic.
  2. This book also has the foundation and aspects of the ‘Traffic Secrets Course’.
  3. This book is a build-up of the previous two books, ‘DotCom Secrets’ and ‘Expert Secrets’. 
  4. This book teaches the numerous ways how one can get traffic, without fully depending on paid traffic and social media.

In conclusion, the ‘Traffic Secrets’ book by Russell Brunson will become a bestseller, just like the previous two books. 

It is going to change the ways and the methods a lot of the entrepreneurs use when it comes to getting traffic into their websites, the sales funnel, and their businesses.

This book is a must-have for all of the entrepreneurs out there, whether they are just venturing into the entrepreneur world or are already an expert in it. 

Even though the course itself is great and still works, it is sort of outdated at this point. 

The ‘Traffic Secrets’ book is based on the market of today because as the world changes, so does the market.

Plus, the book is filled with newer strategies and newer tactics that are going to help in getting great results.

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