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7 Unique Traffic Generation Strategies You Won’t See Discussed on Mainstream Marketing Blogs

7 Unique Traffic Generation Strategies You Won’t See Discussed on Mainstream Marketing Blogs

Are you looking for new and unique traffic generation strategies to help boost the traffic to your website or blog that aren’t mainstream yet?

The truth is there are a plethora of different ways to generate traffic to your website or blog.

I’m sure you have heard the popular industry standard recommendations such as:

  • Optimize your content for SEO
  • Build backlinks
  • Target low competition keywords
  • Get active on social media
  • Make your website responsive and optimize for mobile

While these are all great and they have been proven to work for people who implement them, the problem is that everyone else is out there doing the same thing.

The truth is you are going to spend a ton of time and resources just to compete with the masses if you don’t innovate your strategies beyond what is recommended.

It can take you 6 months and even over a year to see any sort of tangible traffic results.

As a website owner, this can leave you feeling discouraged, tired, and ready to call it quits. 

When it comes to traffic generation and content marketing in general, you have to be ready to make a long term commitment, think 2-3 years from now.

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If you want to succeed you have to be ready to test, measure, and scale different traffic strategies all the time.

There isn’t one ultimate traffic strategy that is better than all the rest.

You have to test and find one that fits the mold of your business and niche.

So let’s take a look at 7 unique traffic generation strategies that aren’t discussed in mainstream marketing.

These strategies can help you gain some serious traffic to your website or blog in the next couple of months.

1. Submit Your Content to Content Aggregation Websites

So you’ve done all the hard work of creating a great piece of content and you are ready to share it with the world by posting it on your blog. 

This is exactly what 90% of all website owners and bloggers do.

They just post to their “optimized content” on their blog and hope that Google begins to notice it.

Let me be honest with you.

You will have to write tons of articles before Google begins to show you some love.

A unique way to have people notice your content immediately is by distributing it to content aggregation websites.

What the heck are content aggregation websites?

What are Content Aggregation Websites and How do They Work

What are Content Aggregation Websites and How do They Work

A content aggregator is a website that gathers specific content from different sources online and “aggregates” it for its users.

The content aggregator site reposts and collects content so their viewers can see articles, videos and blog posts for a specific topic.

These aggregator sites automatically aggregate content through an RSS feed.

Essentially they repost the content you created, but only a small version of it for which your website is given credit for.

If the readers want to read further they can click on a link which takes them back to your blog for the full article or blog post.

These sites are great because they can help distribute your content on multiple platforms which makes it easy for people to discover your content.

This can result in significant referral traffic back to your website.

So how do you get your website added to these content aggregators?

Before you do it’s important to have a good understanding of the different kinds of content aggregator websites that exist.

There are many different ones out there, but the two most popular types are blog aggregators and news aggregators.

Below are some popular aggregator sites that you can sign your website up for.

2. Join Facebook Groups for Your Niche

Joining a laser targeted Facebook group for your niche is a great way to create awareness of your brand and website.

There are thousands upon thousands of different Facebook groups that exist where people share their expertise and connect with others in a similar industry or niche.

Let’s imagine that you are interested in woodworking and you happen to own a website in which you publish woodworking plans and tutorials.

You can hover over to Facebook and search for woodworking groups as shown below.

Join Facebook Groups for Your Niche - woodworking

From the screenshot above you can see that these groups are extremely active and have tons of different posts on there every single day.

This means there is a ton of targeted traffic for the specific niche or interest within those groups.

This is serious traffic potential for you to directly interact with groups members and showcase your website.

Let’s take a look into the affiliate marketing niche and see all the different groups that exist.

You can see that these groups are extremely active with hundreds of different posts per day.

There is some serious traffic in these groups with thousands of members.

The best part is that the traffic is highly targeted.

Join a Facebook group in your niche and begin to interact with people and the content they share and discuss and you will be surprised and how you can leverage the traffic inside the group in order to get traffic back to your website.

3. Start Your Own Facebook Group

Starting your own Facebook group is a great way to build an organic audience for your niche.

The great part about having your own Facebook group is that you get to dictate the content and rules.

Having your own Facebook group also allows you to market to people that have an interest in the niche you are serving.

It can provide serious benefits for brands.

It can help them boost their engagements and brand visibility while remaining unique.

Facebook groups are also great to connect with like-minded people and can provide some serious value to your business.

There is serious traffic behind Facebook groups and if you provide great value the group will grow organically.

If you are interested in starting your very own Facebook group checkout our recommended reading below.

Recommended Reading: The Complete Guide to Facebook Groups

4. Answer Questions on Quora

Answering industry and niche related questions on is a great way to establish yourself as an authority and also tap into laser targeted traffic.

If you aren’t familiar with Quora, it’s a website where people ask very specific questions in order to further understand a topic or concept.

It’s an extremely effective way to gain referral traffic to your website and build a community inside niches that are related to your field.

In order for Quora to be effective for you, it’s recommended you spend a few hours per week looking for questions you can answer for people.

Once people begin looking at your answers you can point them to helpful content to your website.

Answer Questions on Quora ​ - stats

We highly recommend you head on over to Quora and register an account today.

The key with Quora is to answer questions consistently and establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

5. Implement Structured Data, and Rich Snippets on Your Website

Once you create a piece of content online it’s a good idea to make sure that it’s properly optimized with structured data and rich snippets.

This is one of the unique traffic generation strategies that most websites don’t implement.

What is structured data ?

Structured data is a way for you to provide Google’s search engine’s with information about the meaning of your web page or blog.

It’s a format of standardizing data on your webpage in order to help Google classify your content.

If your website is running on WordPress there are plugins that can help you make sure you have structured data enabled on your web pages.

Long term it can have a serious impact on your websites ability to rank high in search engines.

Depending on the type WordPress theme you have installed on your website, your web-pages might default to using structured data.

You can check if your website is using structured data with the Structured data testing tool.

What are rich snippets?

Rich snippets are search results that display more appealing search results with more information.

The extra information that is displayed from rich snippets comes from the structured data on your web-pages.

Below is what a rich snippet search result looks like. 

What are rich snippets?

By having rich snippets on your web-pages you put yourself in a position to rank much higher than web pages that don’t.

Rich snippets induce people to click on them since they are more visually appealing.

They also provide more information than a standard query display.

They can help you rank higher and receive more organic traffic than you would from just having a traditional search result.

6. Create a Presence on TikTok

TikTok is the hottest new social media app on the market, boasting over 800 million monthly active users.

Having a presence on TikTok is a great way to increase your brand exposure.

Simple video clips on TikTok are generating viral level traffic on a daily basis.

Tiktok is allowing people to quickly build a following without having to create tons of content.

You can literally grow your TikTok audience in just a couple of weeks. 

Major brands and influencers are leveraging the platform to increase their brand exposure at a rapid pace.

The platform puts you in a position to create unique content which can bring you product sales.

It can also help drive referral traffic to your website by posting only once or twice a week.

It has a viral element that can seriously impact your traffic growth.

7. Advertise on Facebook or Google

If you don’t want to spend hours creating and promoting content you can simply use paid ads.

This is an option reserved for people with a working budget who don’t want to wait for organic traffic.

The great thing about paid traffic generation strategies is that you receive immediate results.

The amount of traffic you will receive depends on several different factors. They include:

  • Keywords and niche you plan on targeting
  • The kind of actions you want completed on your website (purchases/sign-ups)
  • Daily budget you are working with
  • The type of ads you plan on creating ( video, ppc, display)
  • Amount of ads sets you plan to run

If you advertise on Facebook your per click ad costs will be much lower than what you pay for Google Ads.

You will also have to spend some money on each platform in order to test your ads.

This can cost you some money, but it’s a way to get immediate traffic to your website or sales funnel.

It’s important you try out both platforms in order to find out what kind of conversion each one brings.

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These traffic generation strategies can have a serious impact on your website’s traffic.

Test each strategy to find out the most effective one for your product or brand.

Disclosure: When you purchase a service or a product through our links, we sometimes earn a commission.