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Top 10 Upviral Reviews from Around the Web

Top 10 Upviral Reviews from Around the Web – Is It Really That Good?

There are many UpViral reviews on the internet.

They have a different perspective on the program and focus on different things.

Most reviews that you can find on the internet are positive, which is a good sign for the program.

In this post, you will read about ten UpViral reviews from different websites.

1. Homepage Upviral Review

Randi is a review website for courses and online business programs.

It researches these courses and mentions the pros and cons.

The verdict of Randi for UpViral is positive.

While many posts about UpViral focus on the software, Randi cares more about the business model.

Then, it just checks if the software is good enough to apply it.

UpViral suggests a business model that will help you to get more leads and get viral.

You can use it to build your own business, but it’s possible to do affiliate marketing as well.

It continues with a few words for the owner of UpViral and the fact that it delivers the promises.

An average user can use the program to create contests online and marketing campaigns.

On the other hand, Randi claims that it takes some time until a promo gets results, and there is not enough data to judge the effectiveness of your campaigns.

This review concludes that UpViral is worth the money, but it will not be as easy as it sounds.

We can agree with this statement. UpViral gives a lot of value for the price that you can buy it.

However, you need to do some tests and try to create the best possible campaigns with the software’s help.

2. homepage Upviral Review

It is a standard review site that promotes different online business products.

UpViral is one of these promotions, and the review is positive as expected.

However, you can still find some helpful information.

The first part of this review explains the system and how UpViral will help you with your marketing strategy.

It is clear that UpViral allows you to run and manage giveaway campaigns and contests.

The referral system and the social media buttons will motivate your subscribers to share your contests and bring more traffic.

Dope-Review likes this system and mention that it is too powerful because of the automation and the reward system for the referrals.

Then, it mentions the features of the software. It does not go deep on these features and just mentions them.

You can watch some demo videos that were created by UpViral and show the members’ area.

But you can find these videos on the website of UpViral as well.

The ranking of Dope-Review for UpViral is 9.5 out of 10.

The support and the “easy to use” have a lower ranking than features and quality. It is not a perfect score, but they believe UpViral is a top product.

3. ActiveGrowth

ActiveGrowth is a site about entrepreneurship that decided to do a review on UpViral.

It is special because it’s a case study and not just a review.

The writer mentions the claims of UpViral and takes action to see results. 

He explains why they picked up this program and all the steps of the process before he gets results.

The final verdict was negative.

According to ActiveGrowth, the embed UpViral sign up and share widgets were slow.

Many times took over 5 seconds to load.

If this is the case, you will have a big bounce rate and some waste of traffic.

They did not like the A/B feature as well.

It was limited and buggy.

A/B testing creates two different versions of a page and shows your data to determine which one works better.

However, ActiveGrowth agrees that some cool and useful features of the program will help you get referrals and shares.

Their main concern is the claims of UpViral.

They believe that it is not so easy to get referrals and give stuff on the internet.

They prefer to put effort into finding influencers instead of relying on Facebook Ads.

So, it looks that they suggest a different business model or strategy to go viral with your contests

4. homepage Upviral Review

This is a review website that includes many business programs and tools.

Each review has a score, and there are user reviews below the main content.

It’s an opportunity to find some positive and negative reviews from real members.

People tend to rank based on their emotions, so we can see what they love and hate about the program.

The review of UpViral focuses on the features and the price.

It recognizes that UpViral is a software for online contests, but it does not mention if you can get results with the business model.

The ranking of UpViral is 3.7 out of 6.

It may sound average, but it has better rankings than the reviews of other alternatives and programs.

The website suggests some of these alternatives, but I am not convinced that they are better options.

The comments of the users mention that UpViral is easy to use and delivers what it promises.

They are happy because they can manage contests, run their promos, and get more traffic.

There is only one negative user review that mentions a few bugs and problems with support.

UpViral can improve these issues with updates on their software, but bugs can frustrate some members.

5. FlashReviewz homepage Upviral Review

It is another review website, but they care more about the features instead of the business model.

When the feature works as expected, you will probably get value from the software.

They mention all the features, what they include, explain how they work in action, and the pricing plans.

However, they don’t say their personal opinion about each feature.

They give some information to their readers so that they can figure it out by themselves.

The review concludes that UpViral will eliminate your headaches on how to create viral campaigns.

A successful viral campaign will bring shares, traffic, and leads.

According to FlashReviewz, big companies can spend thousands of dollars on their marketing campaigns, so they have more chances to go viral.

Small businesses can’t afford so much money on advertising, and they don’t have the technical knowledge or support to do that.

UpViral can help a small business to start viral campaigns at a lower price.

6. AP News homepage Upviral Review (1)

This is a news website that publishes many posts every day.

It is unusual for news sites to write reviews for online business tools and courses, so it is important to add it to this list of UpViral reviews.

AP News mentions that UpViral is a tool that will help business owners to get more traffic and leads to their business.

It claims to be a complete referral system and the fastest way to build a business online.

We guess that the first part is about the features that we can find inside.

It mentions some of them like A/B testing, the reward and point system, and the pre-made templates.

There are many options that will allow an average user to customize and promote the contests.

They explain that it’s a fast way to build a business because of the simplicity of UpViral.

It has three steps that will help you to create your first campaign.

You can customize your pages, choose templates that you already know they convert, and publish them to get started.

AP News has published the most positive review of UpViral.

It has the biggest claims about the tool and suggests it for all types of marketers and business owners.

7. Social Lead Freak homepage upviral Review

This review focuses on the basics of UpViral and includes the writer’s personal experience at the end of the post.

The basics are how UpViral works and the features that have been explained in other reviews as well.

However, it mentions other Wilco De Kreij’s products to give us an idea of the overall internet marketing strategy.

The review mentions as pros the low advertisement cost of the system and the credibility that you gain from the repetition of your brand to the target audience.

Of course, these two elements will bring a lot of traffic, exposure, and growth.

On the cons, they mention the lack of control and measurable results.

Lack of control because once you put your message out there, you can’t get it back and control people’s reactions.

He believes it should have more data about the visitors of your pages and your referrals when it comes to measurement.

The overall experience of the writer was positive.

He was happy with most of the features like A/B testing and the customization options.

He suggests UpViral as a top tool in the market to get traffic.

8. The Savvy Marketer homepage Upviral Review

It is an inactive website but used to publish content about marketing ideas and reviews on different programs.

Their reviews did not focus on specific types of products but include different categories of the internet marketing niche.

It’s interesting to read what people said when UpViral launched.

The Savvy Marketer tries to answer if UpViral is worth the money, and the biggest part of the review focus on that part.

It mentions the pricing plans that are similar to the prices of the program today.

Also, it mentions some upsells and their cost.

Their final verdict is that internet marketers must get UpViral at any price.

It repeats some claims from UpViral, so they believe they are achievable. UpViral allows an average user to generate traffic and leads automatically.

According to The Savvy Marketer, this is a good reason to start with the program and follow the suggested business model.

9. What Marketing Tool upviral review (2)

What Marketing Tool is a review site about tools that a business can use for traffic, leads, sales, and improve productivity.

UpViral is in these categories because the plan is to get more leads and sales for your business.

The style of the reviews looks more like an article that mentions a few things for the topic.

However, we can get the opinion of this site.

The focus is on small businesses, whether they work online or offline. UpViral can help a company to get results on the internet.

Many small business owners can’t handle the technical parts of an online marketing campaign.

UpViral can quickly solve this problem with the templates, features, and the referrals system.

Lastly, he likes the affiliate program of UpViral.

It is something that is not mentioned in most reviews. UpViral users get a unique affiliate link that they can use to promote the program and earn commissions.

If you choose this path, you don’t need a product or a business to get started.

10. Tim Felmingham

Tim Felmingham made a case study on UpViral and got some interesting results.

The article looks like a combination of a review and a case study because he mentions both features and results.

He proved that you could get leads with a smart social media strategy, but it was not everything great.

He got 1,057 leads in 7 days with £5 ad spend.

The number sounds impressive because many people that struggle to get even a few leads online.

However, the potential of a viral campaign is much bigger than these results because the internet is massive.

According to the case study, he joined different Facebook groups, added value, and shared his link.

He made the case study a few years ago, so no one guarantees that it still works.

We can assume that other members of UpViral have already copied his strategy.

However, he had a problem.

He got a lot of abuse, and some people said the program was a scam.

These people were suspicious of the free stuff, and he just deleted their entries on the contest.

It was the only problem in a successful campaign and proof that UpViral works.


These were ten UpViral reviews that you can find on the internet.

Each review has some unique information and a different perspective.

Nine of these reviews were positive, and one of them did not recommend UpViral but admitted it has some excellent features.

Disclosure: When you purchase a service or a product through our links, we sometimes earn a commission.