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Build A Sales Funnel For Your Physical Products

How To Build A Sales Funnel For Your Physical Products

Running a business isn’t easy.

From planning to execution to maintenance, everything takes a lot of time, energy, effort and obviously money.

Different products and different services require different planning and execution methods.

Depending on what the business is going to be selling, opportunities and challenges will present themselves.

Launching an online business isn’t the toughest part, pushing it to be successful is.

Learning from people who have been through the struggle and made mistakes is the best way to gain perspective on these things.

Growing an online company requires effective planning and all the deep secrets of becoming successful.

The concept of creating a  has been practiced by companies all around the world, mainly because it definitely works effectively.

Selling online services and selling physical products are 2 completely different areas, selling a service isn’t the same as selling a physical product. 

They both have different sales funnel designed and they both achieve different objectives.

Five crucial elements boost up the conversion rate on your site without any overhauling needed.

With the right sales funnel, you can sell anything in the easiest way possible.

Physical products don’t apply to this statement.

Many people are found in some sort of confusion when asked to sell physical products.

The main reason behind this is the digital age. Because technology is taking over everything, traditional methods have become old.

People are more inclined to invest in digital products.

Customers, on the other hand, face mental barriers when buying physical products.

They definitely don’t like dealing with shipping charges and they’re certainly not amused by being redirected to affiliated sites like Amazon when they want a cheaper option.

These barriers can be overcome easily If you grasp the knowledge of important elements.

These elements can be implemented into your sales funnel.

Benefits of Selling Physical Products

A physical product funnel creates a smooth frequent business.

It just depends on what you’re selling.

People want what they see.

Physical products are hard to repackage which is why, this way you’re ahead of your competitors.

The right marketing can easily attract customers.

Taking a more proactive approach is the right solution to creating a smooth physical product funnel.

Your website doesn’t have to be perfect when you’re creating a funnel from the ground up.

Making rookie mistakes is perfectly fine and expected.

This is how you’ll learn what NOT to do when building your next funnel.

Many new brands and businesses have no trouble in planning and creating a funnel.

The issues come in conversions.

This is what the newbies struggle with. Every online marketer wants to convert traffic into profit.

But many fail because they fail to understand conversion strategies.

You might have the best product in the market right now, with a super interactive website and a perfectly structured funnel, and yet, you’re unable to convert visitors into customers.

You have to make sure the whole buying process is smooth and easy for the customer.

After that, you ensure that you implement all important elements that will convert traffic into profit actively.

There’s a lot of research needed when talking about conversion. You have to know your audience. You have to know your product.

You have to know how to make that product appeal to the targeted audience.

All this research is really time-consuming, but the results are so worth it.
Creating hype about the product isn’t the hard part.

Convincing the audience to buy that product and invest in it requires effort. This is what a full-fledged funnel hacker should be able to achieve.

There are some steps you should take to convert traffic into profit. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to this business; It’s a fail-safe way of achieving your goals.

Visual representation is important!

Visual representation is important! ​

Textual content is great in delivering the message in a fool-proof way but visual content acts as one of the most powerful branding tools in the business world. 

When it comes to attracting your customers or making them curious with questions about the product, visual aid is your armor.  

This works especially well when you’re selling physical products.

Content can be anything. 

YouTube videos, photos, documentaries, BTS photos will give your prospects something to look at while reading content. 

This increases engagement and interaction. 

Giving your traffic something to see and understand definitely improves the conversion rate. 

YouTube videos to photos of your products in action, you need to give your traffic something sexy to look at if you want to increase engagement and improve your conversion rate.

Content is the perfect way to fetch the right audience. 

Content makes us 70% of the site and it has the power to target keywords and hype up the visitors which provokes them to become more curious about the product. 

You can use visuals such as:

  • Photos and videos on the main page. High-resolution images and high-quality videos on the landing page.
  • Actual real-life product images instead of stock images. While this may ask you to buy the product first and then photo-shoot it, this investment will be so worth It in the long run
  • Break up your blog posts and articles with photos and videos. Don’t expect your readers to read the block of text without getting bored and losing interest. 

Take advantage of headlines

Excellent headlines are your one-way ticket to push your funnel to the next level. 

The impact and effect any headline has on the reader’s mind are commendable. 

Using it to your advantage will do wonders for your business. 

Written emails get lost in the inbox. 

You don’t want yours to be lost in the sea of emails. Highlighting the Email subject line effectively can make you stand out.

  • Headlines on the landing page catch the eye of the user.
  • Headlines on content pages don’t need to be followed by a block of text. So much content can cause the reader to get distracted and lose interest. If you’re unsure or whether your headlines are packing a punch, consider the following angles you can take such as…
  • Talk to the customer personally by using the word “you,”. This creates an emotional connection that works effortlessly in creating a sense of empathy towards the product and business. 
  • Bright statistics and crazy headlines will help your client either make money or lose money. IT all depends on how you do it.

Every time you create a new headline it’s important you remember the following:

  • Make sure the text is short. The length doesn’t matter as much as the information does. Make sure every word holds weight
  • Create a connection. Be personal. This is how you will always perform well:  Try to find more opportunities where you can use the word you or the user’s name 
  • Use your headlines to deepen curiosity and raise questions. Keep them guessing

You can easily draw a lot of attention from your headlines. This helps in converting clicks to profit. 

You can easily create an exceptionally well-written copy with powerful headlines. 

This will increase the conversion rate greatly.

Strong Social Proof

Affiliate marketing jobs

Reviews are your best friend. 

Having testimonials that talk about your product and brand, have higher chances of gaining attention than advertisements. 

People trust people. And right now, people highly rely on reviews first to make any decision. 

Having strong social stability in the business world will secure your traffic, especially when you have new customers.

This is especially true for first-time customers who visit your physical product sales funnel

This is how you should brainstorm testimonials and reviews:

  • Highlight reviews from satisfied customers that were a part of previous interactions. You can message Facebook and ask for a review. 
  • Comments, likes, and hashtags contribute greatly to creating a positive impact on your brand and product. Using reviews from other competitors is also a plus point.

Building a brand is hard work and you should do everything you can to highlight positive feedback. 

The More the reviews, the more the security your brand will have. 

Don’t talk, Show.

Don’t talk, Show. ​

Provide concrete evidence that your product is actually great. 

People are more likely to be convinced when you show them why it’s great instead of just telling them.  

Listed below are some techniques you can use to implement in your funnel. 

  • Tutorial videos are the perfect way to demonstrate your product to the world. Include ‘how-to’ content with visual representation and you’re good to go.
  • Add before and after images and videos. Be honest. Show them what your product can do. What results you can achieve if you invest in that product. 
  • Use reviews. Compare your product against others and talk about why yours is different and better. 

Content is a huge part of marketing. 

Content has the power to diversify your funnel and also generate traffic and increase conversion. 

The Elements of Trust

The Elements of Trust_

Creating an emotional connection and a circle of trust enables your brand to successfully sell your product.

Certain elements build trust.

Verification, the social refund policy, and security checks create trust amongst your clients.

These elements will highlight your brand as important as you’re asking them to confide and put their trust in your products.

You should entirely shift the focus on the fact that even though these refund policies exist, your product will fully satisfy the customers.

No purchase would be unsatisfactory.

Convince them that their satisfaction matters a lot.

You can implement these elements on your landing page or exit page throughout the funnel. 

Seals of verification ensure that your customer’s security is a priority and you want them to know that you have their best interests in mind.

We know selling a product at this age can get really challenging but with the right tools and techniques, you can optimize conversion easily!

Understanding conversion strategies and important elements will help your brand generate great profit.

With the right sales funnel, you can sell anything in the easiest way possible.

Growing an online company requires effective planning and because technology is taking over every aspect of our live, traditional and old techniques is a thing of the past now.

A Physical product sales funnel has the power to create frequent business.

Disclosure: When you purchase a service or a product through our links, we sometimes earn a commission.