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Best ways to learn Copywriting from scratch and why it’s important (2020)

Best ways to learn Copywriting from scratch and why it’s important (2020)

Many companies look for copywriters and are willing to pay good money to hire them. 

Some freelance copywriters have multiple customers, regular copywriting jobs, and people who use copywriting to build their businesses.

In this post, you discover the best ways to learn copywriting and why it is important. 

Many beginners want the benefits of working from home and making good money at the same time. 

Copywriting can give you all these things, and everyone can learn it without any limitations or requirements.

However, copywriting is a skill. 

You must be willing to spend time mastering your techniques and start getting experience if you start from zero.

What Is Copywriting?

What is copywriting

Copywriting is the process of creating promotional material. 

It is a type of writing that has a lot of demand from many businesses. Every company wants to hire good copywriters because they can improve their sales.

The promotional material can include anything piece of content that a company can use to reach the target audience. 

For example, it can include emails, articles on websites, images, social media content, brochures, wallpapers, advertisements of any type, catalogs, and more. 

Even the promotional videos can use scripts that are written from copywriters.

Of course, there are many writers that are not copywriters because they don’t try to promote a product or make a sale. 

Copywriting is about promoting a product.

Almost every big brand uses copywriting, so it is not limited in a niche or industry. 

However, some copywriters decide to focus on a specific niche.

Copywriting is a great skill for any business owner and people who have important positions in a company’s selling team. 

If you can write good copy, you can sell almost anything you want online or offline. 

For this reason, it is a popular niche for freelance writers with many high-paying jobs.

What Does A Copywriter Do?

A copywriter is someone who writes good copy. They create promotional stuff for a business and get paid for their work. 

Also, a copywriter can be a business owner that uses content to promote his products or services.

We can assume that most business owners that have built profitable business have good knowledge of copywriting

In some cases, they don’t know that they have copywriting skills, but they have figured out the process.

The difference between a copywriter than other types of writers is that copywriters motivate people to take action. 

Their copy triggers specific emotions that create an urge to buy a product or take another desired action like joining an email list or following a social media account.

If you think that a copywriter is a person that works from home or travels around the world while he works from a laptop, you are right most of the time. 

Many freelance writers enjoy the benefits of working from home and not only copywriters.

However, it is a high-paying writing skill, and you can expect good rates when you know what to do.

On the other hand, copywriting is not a lazy writing task.

It is not about writing a headline or a short post, but it takes some research and time to get the job done.

Why Is Copywriting Important?

Most people can write and fill in some words in a piece of content.

However, copywriting is more complicated than just typing a few words.

Many companies have a huge difference in their results after hiring a few good copywriters to handle their promotional campaigns.

So, here are some obvious benefits of copywriting.

1. Good understanding of the niche

You can’t create good content if you don’t know your niche.

So, if you want to create a good copy, the first task is to spend time researching your niche and learning your audience.

This is why many good copywriters focus on a specific industry.

They know how to motivate a specific audience to take action and don’t care to learn about another niche.

Only one niche is enough to earn a lot of money if you can help a company to get results.

You can learn your audience by engaging with then online or offline.

There are forums, blogs, communities, and online groups that you can join and participate in.

2. Builds Brand Image With Good Copy

Building a brand has many elements that must be consistent over time.

A brand needs a logo that can get the attention, good content, a specific tone of voice, and a message.

The brand image depends on all these elements.

Good copywriters can understand the importance of the brand image and how to create it through promotional content and material.

Also, an average or bad work on these parts will have the opposite results for a brand.

People must positively remember a company and feel comfortable to use its products or services.

3. Creates Quality Content

Online businesses use many types of content as mentioned above.

However, you need to provide quality content in every marketing campaign.

The definition of quality content is not always the same.

For example, blogs need informative and lengthy content, social media posts need short and interesting content, and advertisements focus on headlines and small descriptions.

Copywriters understand what content they must create for each platform and campaign of a company.

Then, they can use the right words to get the desired results.

Quality content will generate a lot of traffic, followers, engagement, and sales.

Average content can get some traffic, but it is not even close to the maximum.

4. Generates More Sales

Companies invest in copywriting because they expect more sales.

Understanding your niche, building a brand, and creating quality content will help a company to get more leads and sales in the long-term.

Boring content cannot trigger emotions, so the readers will not take any action.

It would be a waste of traffic and resources.

However, writing a good copy means that you create interesting content for your target audience that generates sales.

How Much Does Copywriting Cost?

How Much Does Copywriting Cost?

It is not easy to give a specific number on how much you must pay for the services of a copywriter.

It depends on the level of the copywriter and type of service that you want.

You can join different online marketplaces or search for agencies manually to find the best possible options.

There are different rates for people that create ads, write emails, or write blog posts.

Top copywriters on the internet can earn hundreds of dollars per hour or more, but there are beginners with very low rates.

How Much You Can Earn As A Beginner Copywriter

If you start from zero with no skills and no experience, the best option is to get a copywriting book like Copywriting Secrets.

Once you learn the basics, you can start practicing your new skills.

There are two main options to consider as a beginner.

1. Promote a product:

You don’t have to own a product on the internet, but it’s fine to sell other people’s products.

This process is called affiliate marketing, and you can earn a commission per sale.

If you choose this path, you will earn money only when you get results.

However, you will start your own online business and be responsible for every part of the process.

Affiliate marketers create their sales funnels, headlines, content, advertisements, and emails.

No one gives you deadlines or requirements with this business model.

You will learn at your own pace and take as much action as you want.

2. Become A Freelancer:

Copywriting is a lucrative freelance writing skill.

However, beginners start with lower rates. If you can’t prove your experience, it’s unlikely to find high-paying jobs in the beginning.

Lower rates have less responsibility as well, so it can be a good thing for beginners who want to build their skills.

As a freelance copywriter, you can join platforms like Upwork and Fiverr.

The minimum rates are almost $5 per hour or project on these platforms.

Once you get some positive reviews, you can find clients at higher rates.

If you choose this path, you will become familiar with the pros and cons of freelancing from the beginning.

You have the freedom to work with clients from your home and build your portfolio at the same time.

However, you need to complete projects in the requested time, and your rates will lower than what you deserve for a while.

What Are Some Important Copywriting Skills?

1. Writing Skills

A copywriter is a good writer with marketing skills.

If you can’t write or don’t want to learn how to write properly, copywriting will be a difficult task for you.

Writing is not only about telling a nice story these days.

Writers focus on readability, the accuracy of their information, using the write words, and write interesting introductions and conclusions.

The internet has changed everything because writers try to get the attention of the user in a few seconds.

Readers have so many options that don’t stick with a piece of content if it doesn’t look interesting and easy to read from the first lines.

2. Headline Creation

Whether you write a blog post or copy for a landing page, you need compelling headlines.

It is a critical skill for copywriters because people don’t click on content with boring headlines.

Many internet marketers use formulas and tools to help with their headlines.

While they can help people who have no idea about headline creation, no one will pay you for these types of headlines.

So, you need to learn this skill with practice and experience.

3. Understand User Experience

When you create content for internet users, you must consider what they see. 

The same content will look different on a blog post, mobile, or a social media post.

Each platform and device has different readability.

A good user experience is to help the user to understand the topic and the content.

Copywriters use language that the user expects to read.

Lastly, the calls to action and any links must be added at the right place of each page to improve clicks and conversions.

4. Specialization

Many writers specialize or one niche.

So, copywriters that are great in one niche or one type of content tend to make more money than writers who are average at everything.

You have the option to learn a specific type of content.

For example, Facebook ads, social media posts, or blog posts. Also, you can choose a specific market like self-development, B2B, digital marketing, health, etc.

5. Marketing Skills

Copywriters try to promote products and services, and some marketing or selling skills can help them to find the right words for each product they promote.

It is easier to write great Facebook posts when you understand social marketing or nice blog posts when you know about SEO.

Some helpful online marketing skills are SEO, building sales funnels, PPC marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, etc.

You don’t have to learn every type of marketing, but specialize in one of them can be very helpful.

Best ways to learn Copywriting

Many courses and books teach people the best ways to learn copywriting. You can start with Copywriting Secrets by Jim Edwards.

It is a step by step book on how to write a good copy and sell any product you want. You can get this book for free if you pay for the shipping.

A top software that can help you to produce great copy is Funnel Scripts. It is created by Jim Edwards and Russel Brunson, who is the founder of ClickFunnels.

Funnel Scripts will help you create nice headlines, email scripts, lead capture pages, ad copies, and many other pieces of content that require copywriting skills.

So, it will save you a lot of time than doing everything by yourself.


Copywriting can help every business to make sales. 

Most companies need at least one person with good copywriting skills. 

While it’s possible to learn these skills by yourself from free information on the internet, you will save valuable time and resources if you take a good course from an expert. 

Once you learn the basics, you will be able to apply them to your own online business or help others to promote their products.

Disclosure: When you purchase a service or a product through our links, we sometimes earn a commission.