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11 Actionable Landing Page Optimization Tips for Better Conversions

11 Actionable Landing Page Optimization Tips for Better Conversions

The conversion rate of a landing page will determine the number of subscribers and sales you generate from each campaign.

You can get more conversions even with small changes if they improve the user experience and make sense for the visitors.

For this reason, you will read eleven tips for landing pages that will allow you to get better results.

1. Be Clear About Your Ideal Customers

Before you get started with the headline, the copy, the calls to action, and any other element of your landing page, you need to know your target audience.

Your landing is a way to communicate with your potential customers and must focus on them.

The content must be effective and make them feel comfortable. It is not easy to write content for unknown persons.

So, a process of recognizing your ideal customers will give you a starting point.

You probably have an idea about your target audience. You want to promote your product to people in your niche.

  • However, you need to become more specific.
  • Here are a few easy questions that can help to learn your audience.
  • What are their demographics (age, city, gender, marital status, etc.) of your target audience?
  • What are their habits?
  • What is their career or income?
  • What are their challenges?
  • What kind of content do they like to read?
  • What are their goals?
  • Where can you find your target audience online?

If you start answering these questions, you will discover that you already know many details for your target audience and your ideal customers.

The next step is to use these details on your landing page.

Many great copywriters create content as they would talk to their ideal customers.

It’s a great way to make your readers feel that you personally speak with them and want to help them.

2. Mention Some Pain Points Or Goals Of Your Target Audience

People buy products because they want to solve specific problems or desire to have something new.

In both cases, there are pain points that want to get rid of or goals that they want to reach.

For example, if your ideal customers want to lose weight, a pain point could be that they feel fatigued throughout the day.

The desired goal could be to have a nice body.

You can easily find your target audience’s pain points and goals in any niche by visiting some forums or social media groups.

People tend to share their problems and ask questions in these places.

Headlines, content, and comments reveal this information.

First place that you can add a pain point or a goal is the headline.

Both of them work just fine.

For example, landing pages that promote business opportunities mention potential income or freedom from undesired tasks.

Also, pain points can be mentioned in other places of the landing when they make sense.

Pain points and goals trigger emotions that will engage your visitors to the landing page.

When you mention a problem, they assume that you have a solution.

Also, if you mention a goal, they expect to show them the way to reach it.

3. Optimize Your Email Opt-in Form Fields

The email form fields are places where the visitors of your landing page fill in their contact details and become your subscribers.

Most people are not willing to share their contact details unless they have a good reason to do it and feel comfortable with the process.

Your form fields must help them to take action. If they are complicated or not easy to find, your conversions will suffer.

So, there are a few factors that will determine an effective email form field.

First, you should give them a good reason to subscribe to your list.

Whether it is a lead magnet, a webinar, or a newsletter, your visitors must feel that they get enough value for their email address.

Next, the content of the email form, the size, and the placement will affect the conversion rates.

Many websites include the email form field at the center of the page to get the users’ attention.

The content must be simple and mention the requested details.

Lastly, the landing pages that require fewer contact details have more chances to convert.

For example, it is easier to give an email than to give an email, a name, and an address.

These details don’t sound important, but the users think of all these things.

4. Create A Powerful Call To Action

It’s unlikely to see a landing page on the internet without a call to action.

However, some marketers don’t give enough attention or avoid requesting an email address.

A call to action shows the right move to the visitors.

They may watch your video, read your content, check your testimonials, but it’s not possible to figure out what you want them to do unless you ask for it.

It can be something simple like “subscribe here” or “join now,” but you must ask for it.

If the call to action is relevant to the content, it will motivate the users to get started with your product or subscribe to your email list.

The call to action completes the requested action of the landing page, so every change can make a big difference in your results.

You can test different things like colors, shapes, action words, and placements.

5. Improve The Loading Time

This is a technical tip that doesn’t apply to every case. Slow loading time will be a problem for most websites.

Most users want fast pages. If they click a link and do not load the requested page in a few seconds, they tend to close it.

A slow landing page means fewer conversions because of fewer visitors.

There are a few things that can slow down a landing page.

For example, you may have too many images, a slow theme or plugins, or a slow speed from the website’s server.

If you believe that your landing page is too slow, you can try to fix the issues one by one or hire someone to help you.

Usually, the problem will be on slow WordPress landing pages or too many images of big landing pages.

Tools that focus on landing pages and sales funnels like ClickFunnels can help you get a better loading time.

6. Improve The Copy Of The Landing Page

The copy is one of the most important parts of a landing page.

You need to put the right words in your content and convince your target audience.

Good copywriting skills is an art that can generate tons of sales and great conversion rates for any business.

Many marketers avoid messing with the copy, but it’s a part of the landing page that you must optimize and improve when possible.

Of course, there are many good copywriters on the internet to outsource that task if you are not confident with your skills.

A part of the copy is the images and the videos that you use to present your products or services.

They have to trigger emotions and add value to the visitor.

Many landing pages have only one video and an email box, so it’s up to you to choose the right format.

If you decide to include content, you need to choose where you will use a short or a long format.

Both of them have benefits and negatives. Usually, long-form landing pages include many details, but short-form pages are more actionable.

7. Add Social Proof

social proof

Social proof adds more trust and credibility to a landing page that will result in more conversions.

Internet users get bombarded with promotional content.

Also, most of the promoted products are expensive without much value.

They have every reason to have doubts, but a good landing page should eliminate their fears.

The best type of social proof for a landing page is to add a few testimonials.

You can include the opinions of other people in your content and videos or show real results.

Most visitors will assume that they can get the same results if they apply your suggestions.

If you don’t have any testimonials yet, you can request some comments or short videos from existing customers.

Some of them will be happy to share their experience if they are happy with your business. Some marketers encourage them with discounts or free content.

It’s possible to use reviews from other websites like Yelp or a Facebook page.

8. Eliminate Distractions

Most internet users get distracted every few seconds.

They click every interesting title on the internet, read comments, watch short videos, and consume tons of content.

When they visit your landing page, they will get distracted if you give them a reason for that.

If your landing page is designed to promote only your lead magnet and get email addresses, you will not have a problem most of the time.

However, you should remove any images, content, and ads that do not add value to your promotions or are not relevant to your goal.

It’s easy for most users to get confused and distracted with irrelevant information.

The problem is that they will not try to figure out the problem and just leave the page.

You can boost your conversion rates or avoid losing potential customers by keeping the landing page super simple.

9. Explain Everything

Your potential customers will not subscribe to your email list or buy a product if they don’t expect to solve their problems.

However, they need to understand that your product is the solution that they are looking for.

If they don’t understand it, they will not feel confident in filling in their email addresses.

The first step is to answer as many questions as possible with your content. It’s important to know your audience for this step.

You can create a list of major pain points of your target audience and mention simple solutions with your copy.

Then, you can create a FAQ section with questions that are not answered on the content.

A FAQ section adds value to the user and makes the landing page to look complete.

10. Optimize For Mobile

Optimize For Mobile​

You need to optimize a landing page for mobile if you get traffic from mobile. 

When you get only desktop traffic from an advertising program, you don’t have to worry about that.

If your landing page gets free traffic from social media or Google, you need a mobile version.

You will optimize the images, calls to action, and the placements of most elements.

Also, the loading time is different on mobile, and you must take care of it.

The easiest way to create a mobile version is by using themes or templates that are already optimized.

If you use WordPress or ClickFunnels, you can choose the right templates. 

Then, you can work on your mobile version page as a desktop landing page.

11. A/B Testing

A/B testing is a process that creates two different versions of the same page and compares the results.

When there is enough data, you can choose the winner.

A/B testing is important because you can’t figure if a change helps the conversion rates unless you test it and get data.

While you must test every element of a landing page, you can start with the headlines, calls to action, and the email form fields.

Headlines will determine the click-through rate of the page, and the other two elements directly affect the conversion rates.

If you believe in secrets, A/B testing is a secret because many internet marketers don’t apply it.

The more tests you perform, the more improvements you can apply to your landing page.

If your landing page does not convert well, it does not mean that all your work has failed. You can improve one element at a time and get better results.


These were eleven actionable tips for landing pages.

If you put them all together, your landing pages will start getting better results. 

Many big companies that get leads online apply these tips and can work for you as well.

Disclosure: When you purchase a service or a product through our links, we sometimes earn a commission.