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How to Write Amazing Landing Page Headlines that Convert Like Crazy

How to Write Amazing Landing Page Headlines that Convert Like Crazy

If you learn to write amazing landing page headlines, you will get better conversion rates because more people will read the content.

However, for most marketers, it is not clear what makes an effective headline.

The good news is that you can follow some rules and formulas that you will discover below.

How To Write Good Landing Page Headlines

Before you get started with landing page headlines and specific formulas that you can use, it’s critical to understand what makes a good headline in general.

Writers use headlines on every piece of content, and the headline is always an important part of every article and page.

Here are some things to consider when you write headlines.

Focus On The Reader:

We must always have in mind the reader. We create content for the people that consume it and not for us. 

Does the headline help the reader to understand the topic and get excited about it? 

When we create promotional content, it’s always helpful to mention some benefits of the product on the headline to motivate the reader.

Be Specific:

The readers like the details.

They don’t want to visit another site with generic content and promotions.

If there is a specific advantage of the product or the service, you can mention it on the headline of your landing page.

For example, don’t say that you have a good tool that increases website traffic.

It’s better to write that this tool will get you 40% more website in three months.

Of course, any claims must be real and not made up.

Model Viral Landing Pages and Articles:

You don’t have to create everything from scratch.

There are many successful examples on the internet that you can use to get ideas. If the headline of a competitor works, you can write something similar.

There are some specific formulas for headlines that work for most landing pages that you can read in this post.

Get The Attention Of The Reader

You have a few seconds to grab the attention of your target audience when they visit a landing page.

It does not matter if you get traffic from paid ads, SEO, or social media.

When the title is boring will not be enough to keep them around, and you will lose potential customers.

You can write short or long headlines, but they must be interesting.

Write The Headline Before The Content

It is easier to create the content once you know the headline.

The headline is not the summary of the content, but the reason why your audience will remain on the landing page.

If you have a specific topic in mind, you can structure the article or the landing page based on this topic.

How Long A Headline Should Be

Most websites and internet marketers use the common suggestions of tools and experts.

If you want to play it safe, you can go with a headline that includes 7-10 words and 50-60 characters.

However, the safe approach is not always the best option. Many big websites don’t follow these rules and get amazing results.

The big brands use different types of headlines that are both shorter and lengthier. A short headline has less than five words. A headline that is over 12 words should be considered lengthy.

But why some companies do not follow the standard headline guidelines?

The results will make a headline good or bad.

If a headline has the right length but does not convert, you should try something different.

It’s good to know that your results will change when you create a more compelling headline, and the big websites understand that concept.

So, your headlines do not require a specific length but a compelling message.

When visitors read it, they should understand what your landing page is all about. Also, a headline creates expectations.

The content must be relevant to keep your visitors interested.

If the visitors don’t understand the headline or get a different message from the copy, they will feel that your page is misleading.

5 Formulas For Landing Page Headlines

You can structure a headline in different ways and test new things.

However, the most effective landing page headlines are based on some specific formulas that work well.

On the other hand, if you try headlines that do not follow any proven model, the chances are that you will have a harder time to get results.

So, here are the suggested formulas.

1. Listicles:

These headlines include a specific number of tips, examples, ideas, steps, etc.

They get the attention of the target audience because the visitors can easily browse the content and check for tips.

When they find an interesting suggestion or something that they haven’t heard before, they stick to the page.

For example:

5 Ways To Make Money Online In 24 hours
6 Simple Ways to Lose Belly Fat

Reading content that includes a list of tips or suggestions is fun and informative.

At the same time, the visitors scroll the page to check the suggestions and see your calls to action.

If you have a good copy on your landing page, you have many chances to get conversions even from people that do not read the whole content.

Another advantage of listicles is that you can easily use them to improve readability. It’s easy to break down the content into smaller pieces and create subheadings for each suggestion.

2. The Testimonial Headlines:

People love success stories. Real testimonials can share their success story and add social proof to your landing pages.

For example:

  • Your tool helped me to increase my website by 40% in one month.

It’s a simple headline that increases trust and credibility on your landing page, creates curiosity to the reader, and you can back it up with videos or comments of the testimonial.

If you follow this formula, you don’t have to do much work because your content is the opinion of your testimonials. However, you need a good product or service to create happy customers.

You can request from your customers to make a testimonial video or write a few words.

Some of them will be happy to share their experience with your products.

Some companies give small rewards to motivate their customers to share their opinion because they want more social proof for their marketing campaigns.

3. The specific headline:

A study about the most popular words that are used in viral headlines revealed that the word “this” was the third most popular word, and “this is” is the top two-word phrase that you can use.

There are some good reasons this type of headline works. It makes the message of the headline clear, direct, and adds authority. For example:

This tool will boost your traffic by 40% in the next month.

It’s a headline that helps the writer to stick to the topic and creates surprise to the reader.

When you start with the word “this”, the headline becomes very specific and helps the reader to understand the topic and any possible benefits.

4. The Value Proposition

Companies make money when they can solve problems and add value to the target audience.

The value proposition headline does not have a specific structure but mentions the solution of a problem or the desired results.

Before you write a headline that focuses on the value, your product needs to solve a problem.

These headlines tend to be unique unless because most products add value in a different way.

You can’t copy a competitor’s headline if you don’t offer the same services and benefits to the target audience.

The landing page copy must be relevant to the headline and focuses on the value as well.

Adding value and helping your target audience is one of the best strategies to increase conversion rates in the long-term.

5. The "How-To" Headline:

The how-to headlines are the most popular on the internet.

They are quite similar to listicles.

You can easily turn a how-to article on a listicle that mentions ten ways to do something.

Most people search for information because they want to learn specific things.

They want to make money, save money, have better fitness, lose weight, be confident, be happy, etc.

If you add the words “how-to” before the desired results and actions, it’s natural to get attention from the target audience.

A landing page that includes a “how-to” headline does not have to give a detailed guide or all the steps of a specific process.

Usually, most landing pages don’t include so many details, but the product should help the customers to get the desired results.

However, a “how-to” headline is common these days.

Most of your visitors have seen it again, so it may not be able to get the attention you want. It’s just another option to test and consider.

What Types Of Words You Can Use

The formulas above can give you the best results if you use the right words in your landing page headlines.

Some words give better conversion rates than others.

It is not possible to analyze every word, but there are some groups of words that most experts use.

1. Bonus Tips

Emotional words:

Emotions are powerful and motivate people to take action.

Both fear or desire are strong motivators. It does not have to be a positive emotion that creates action.

For example, many people want to earn more money because of the fear of poverty.

The best words to trigger emotions are the ones that describe a positive or negative outcome.

Context Words:

Some words help us stick to the content and want to read more of it.

These words tend to describe time, space, motion, and authority.

For example:

fast, now, top, fail, proof, secret, etc.

Big Names:

If you mention experts or big brands in your headlines, you will increase your conversion rates because the target audience wants to follow their example.

You can mention a strategy of an expert that your visitors can apply if they use your product.

Common Words:

If you use words that sound simple and familiar, the reader can feel more comfortable and excited with the headline and the landing page.

Words like people, old, man, year, dog, new, video, and other common words can attract attention.

However, these words should be mixed with the other suggestions in this post and not be the main words of your headline.


Most landing page headlines include numbers because they work. Numbers make any headline specific and create expectations.

For example:

  • 5 simple ways to make money online (one number)
  • 5 simple ways to make $1000 in 30 days (three numbers)

They make the headlines more attractive without increasing the length or using too many words.


The word free is powerful. It can increase the conversion rates on any landing page. Companies offer free trials, free e-books, free shipping, etc.

People love to get value for free, so it can work for any type of campaign.

However, some people chase only freebies, so you must be cautious when you use this word in your headlines and give something for free.

How Do You Know If A Landing Page Headline Works?

You can figure out if a headline works by testing it.

There are many free and paid tools that you can use for A/B testing. It’s possible to test any element of the page.

If you want to find the best variation of your headline, you can change the structure, the formula, and specific words.

It can take many tests until you write a headline with great click-through rates.

You can speed up the process by modeling headlines that work for other people and adjust them to your needs.


There are many formulas, words, and tips that you can use to write perfect landing page headlines.

Writing great headlines is an important skill that will boost up your traffic, leads, and sales.

Most writers don’t give enough attention to this part and create poor results for their campaigns.

However, you have all the information you need to avoid this common mistake.

2 Bonus Tips

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