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Douglas James Marketing (1)

Is Douglas James a Scam? – You need to read this before it’s too late

You probably have heard about this guy online and want to know if Douglas James is a scam or not.

We can agree that Douglas James sounds like a person who knows what he says.

However, there are plenty of other gurus who make similar claims but don’t deliver.

We need to look a little deeper at his courses and online presence before joining his high ticket courses.

It does not mean that the suggested marketing methods do not work.

There is space for local marketing, Facebook Ads, and automation online.

It is also important for any business to have an online presence these days.

We hear many stories of people that get tons of leads and customers from online marketing methods alone.

The problem is that there are too many courses and information out there, so we must figure if it is worth your money.

No one offers guarantees when you don’t get results, even if you do all the right things.

Before you invest your hard-earned money, you need to read below.

What Are The Courses Of Douglas James?

douglas james

Most people learn about Douglas James through his website and YouTube channel.

The website promotes and sells these courses, while YouTube works as a traffic source to landing pages and the website.

There are two extra links from the YouTube channel to Entrepreneur and Yahoo for articles that mention him.

While this process looks quite standard, we have to look to his content that focuses on fast results.

This is not the best approach for entrepreneurs.

So, it sends visitors to his courses that have the following titles:

  • The High Ticket Experience
  • Local Business Funnels and Ads
  • Industry marketing academy

He includes a few services on the website about phone calls and a VIP day.

Of course, all these services and products come with high-ticket packages.

He sells high-ticket products, and the courses are about the same concept.

Many people like the idea of selling one product for thousands of dollars, but marketers must deliver the same value.

If you don’t deliver enough value, then you are not honest with your customers.

These courses focus on how to find customers but not on how to provide extraordinary value.

The high-ticket idea is quite popular these days on the internet.

There are too many courses on the same topic.

If you want to spend thousands of dollars on a course, you need to make sure it is the best.

Next, he also mentions automation a lot of times on his videos and sales pages.

It’s another popular topic that is not so easy as it sounds.

Many people love it because they think it takes less work, which is not the truth.

You also need to consider that there are not many reviews on these courses.

Top products tend to have many reviews from blogs and YouTube channels.

Douglas James has a few positive and negative mentions of his name.

Who Is Douglas James?

Most of the available information for Douglas James is based on what he has shared on interviews and online platforms.

He likes to be called “the high-ticket client guy,” and some pages refer to him with that title.

This title is supposed to come from his adventures in the online world.

Before getting started with marketing, he was Navy Corpsman and was even deployed on the USNS Mercy.

A part of his duty was to help health professionals to provide medical care in third-world counties like Philipines, Guam, and Fiji.

Douglas James has said that his experience inspired him to elevate other people and guide them to success.

Later, he decided to enroll in The George Washington University-School of Business.

According to Douglas, he created the courses because he wants to help entrepreneurs to get high-ticket clients. He believes that this is the difference between a struggling and a profitable business.

However, these courses are not his first experience in the online world.

Douglas created a business in 2011 with the name Amped Local.

It also offered similar services to other entrepreneurs.

We can assume that this was his only previous project.

He started using Facebook Ads and YouTube ads in his first project.

Today he has become an expert on these programs and teaches them with his courses.

Douglas has helped many local businesses to use Facebook ads.

He claims that he has trained and coached over 2,000 entrepreneurs all these years.

The numbers on social media are ok but not extraordinary.

He has a little over 7,000 subscribers on YouTube and 14,000 likes on his Facebook page.

The videos with the most views are for Facebook Ads and specific industries like dentists and realtors.

What's Inside his courses

If you decide to buy these courses, you will get the training content.

You can use them to learn specific strategies that you can apply to your business.

The training and courses are for all types of entrepreneurs.

We have already mentioned that the focus is on high-ticket clients and automation.

You will use different marketing channels to get results like SEO and Facebook Ads.

He also shows you how to use popular tools like ClickFunnels.

Your goal is to figure out ways to reach potential customers online.

If you use these channels and methods, you can get high-ticket clients.

The High-Ticket Experience: The first course is about getting high-ticket clients with phone calls.

You will use a system to book sales and coaching on his website.

The goal is to engage your customers and make them want to work with you.

Local Business Funnels and Ads: You will learn how to create sales funnels and custom ads.

The process is to get traffic with ads and send the traffic to your funnels that will convert it into leads.

Industry Marketing Academy: The last course includes pre-made funnels and ads that you can use for your campaigns.

You also get training on automation, ClickFunnels, and Facebook.

There is support with a Facebook group and phone calls

Are These Courses Worth Joining?

It is not the first time that we hear about a marketing guru or a new course.

These courses include some content.

However, there is too much content out there. Many marketers create blogs and videos with tons of information for free.

When people want to invest some money, we suggest being cautious about it.

It’s important to get enough value, learn something special, and make sure that you listen to a real expert.

We can’t say that this is the case with these courses.

If you are a complete beginner in online marketing, you can learn a few things.

But if you already have some results, it does not sound like a great option.

Most digital marketers and business owners know how to set Facebook Ads and ClickFunnels.

It does not take more than a few minutes to start a new campaign.

They can also get help with the programs from a simple Google search.

Why You Should Not Join

1. Low Quality On The First Course

The High-Ticket Experience is an introduction to the other two courses

While there is some information, they are too basic and outdated.

It is a common problem in many courses when the selling system of the courses gets more attention than the content.

If you expect to get all the steps to building an online business on this step, you will get disappointed.

There is a lot of sales talk for the next courses and modules.

2. Price

If you want to get all the modules and courses, you should pay almost $3,000.

When you want to get information from the high-ticket client guy, you must expect to hear that price.

However, it does not mean you should go for it.

If you take action and use this amount of money on any advertising program or marketing, you will get tons of valuable experience.

There are more expensive courses than these ones, and some marketers keep asking for money no matter how deep you get to their funnels.

However, there are much cheaper courses with better credentials.

While there are many testimonials on the website and YouTube channel, we can’t find people who have tested successfully from third-party sources.

3. The Content Is Not Special

We see and hear some fancy words on the site and the videos.

But the content or the methods are not fancy at all.

It is great to use Facebook Ads and ClickFunnels, but thousands of people have mentioned them before.

For example, if you visit the site of ClickFunnels and create an account, you will discover many training products from the owner and experts of the program.

We can’t see how Douglas James can offer more value than those who have created these tools.

The same applies to Facebook Ads.

Many marketers with extraordinary results share their strategies and ideas for free in almost every business model.

There are no secrets to these methods these days.

Of course, Douglas James will show you his ways.

He probably can get results and have tried something different.

4. A Lot Of Hype

Many internet users are cautious when they hear big promises and fancy words.

We can’t blame them with all the gurus out there.

Douglas James has chosen to promise fast results.

First, the videos on YouTube focus on fast results or fast ways.

Usually, most people that are invited say how they did it in 30 days.

For example, one of the most viewed videos is about a bartender who made 12,500 in his first month in business.

The same concept is on the website.

When you click on the sales page of The High-Ticket Experience, some guys claim they got instant results.

The time frame is in 30 days, most of the time, but the amounts of money vary.

Most experts in any business model agree that getting results is not so easy.

The time can’t be estimated in this way.

It looks like these guys replaced the claims for overnight success with claims for 30-day success.

Douglas James can’t promise these results to you because they are not realistic for the average person.

5. Your Chances To Make Money Are Not Great

The first problem is that the people who join the program spend a lot of money and expect results fast.

After the expected time-frame, they will feel it does not work.

Most people who join courses like these tend to give up soon.

Next, you must learn from the best when you join a course and pay $3,000.

There are people with more followers, more testimonials, and more experience than Douglas James.

Of course, he has helped people based on the testimonials, but we don’t know if he is the best.

Is Douglas James A Scam?

Douglas James is not a scam.

He has put his face and name out there.

We can be sure that he is a real person who sells these courses.

They also offer content on the topics that he has promised.

The discussion is about the value, the price, and the selling process of these courses.

When it comes to the courses’ marketing methods, some people get results with them.

But they are not so easy as he makes them sound.

If you want to learn about Facebook Ads, you must create many campaigns before you master the process.

The same applies to ClickFunnels.

Some people have made millions using this program, but they didn’t learn it in one month.

You can learn the basics of these marketing methods and a few extra ideas by Douglas James.

Then, it will be on you to get results.


Douglas James is another guy who has created some courses for local marketing and Facebook Ads.

They are high-ticket courses that focus on high-ticket clients and automation.

While they are not scams, we don’t suggest them for the reasons that are mentioned above.

Disclosure: When you purchase a service or a product through our links, we sometimes earn a commission.