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Hire a Copywriter If You Can Afford It (10 Reasons You Should)

Hire a Copywriter If You Can Afford It (10 Reasons You Should)

When you Hire a copywriter he or she can add the right words into your content.

You may need content for a sales funnel, your website, product descriptions, or social media posts.

In every case, a professional copywriter can understand your audience and create engaging content.

In this article, you will read ten reasons you should hire a copywriter if you can afford it.

1. More Time To Spend In Other Tasks
(Or More Free Time)

If you don’t hire a copywriter, you must complete all the writing tasks by yourself. 

Every online business uses content to communicate with the target audience. 

So, we can assume that your business needs content, whether you create short ads, emails, or long blog posts.

Some people love to write, while others avoid writing at all. However, it is a time-consuming task for everyone. 

When you run an online business, you need available time to do different tasks. 

It is not possible to put all your time and energy into writing alone.

Hiring a copywriter for some writing tasks will give you more available time for other parts of your business and can improve the copy of your website at the same time.

Also, you may need to spend more time with your friends or family.

It is a good thing to outsource tasks when possible and do things that make you happy in business or life.

2. Hire a Copywriter who Can Perfectly Describe Your Products Or Services

Many online stores and websites lose customers because they don’t excite their target audience with their products.

They can get traffic from different sources, send them to the product pages or sales funnels, and then just fail to convert.

The copy of your pages can be one of the problems, but it is quite easy to fix it. 

A professional copywriter can do some research on your target audience and figure out the right words to describe your products.

Potential customers will make a purchase when they expect to solve their problems and fully understand your products.

If they are not sure how they work or have doubts about their performance, they will move on to the next alternative.

A copywriter can write copy for sales funnels, product pages, create appealing headlines, and use words that explain your products and services in detail.

3. Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

3. Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

SEO can generate a lot of traffic for different types of online businesses. 

If it is a part of your strategy, copywriting can affect your rankings in many ways.

Google and other search engines choose the best content for their keywords between thousands of posts and pages.

So, having a nice copy and engaging content can affect many ranking factors that can give you an advantage over the competition.

When users click on a website from the search results page, they expect to find specific information.

However, it is not enough to include information on a page.

The content needs to have great readability. If you fail on that part, the users will not waste their time trying to read it.

A copywriter can break the content in subheadings, small paragraphs, and small sentences that will keep the reader on the page.

The more time your readers spend on your pages, the better rankings you will get on the search engines.

Lastly, headlines and metadata are two elements that get the attention of the users on the search results page.

The more clicks you get, the more traffic you will get.

Copywriters are experts in creating appealing headlines and descriptions and can help with that part as well.

4. Keep Your Content Fresh

You don’t want to produce duplicated or average content like most internet marketers. 

You want unique and updated content. Fresh content can help with every part of your marketing.

Search engines love it, and your followers on social media want to get the latest trends in your niche.

Professional copywriters have the experience and the skills to produce new and interesting content all the time.

They do not run out of ideas and can use new phrases and expressions that attract the target audience.

Fresh content is important for marketing material if you want to stand out.

You can’t use the same headlines or the same emails as everybody and expect good results.

Unique and interesting content can boost your leads and conversion rates in any marketing campaign.

5. Create A Good First Impression

When users visit a website, read an article, or visit your social media profiles, they will decide in a few seconds if they will stick to it.

So, the first impression is the key to internet marketing.

You have only a few words to get the attention of your target audience.

A good copywriter can write nice headlines, introductions, and subheadings that will attract your visitors.

Most people that open a page with content scan the article and check the subheadings. If it looks interesting or different, they will spend some time reading it.

The same applies to any images or videos that you use for your campaigns. 

Most people will browse the feed for interesting titles and images if you have a YouTube channel or an Instagram profile.

You need a copywriter to make it appealing for your target audience.

A good first impression will boost all the metrics of your profiles on these platforms.

6. Copywriters Can Create Epic Social Media Content​

Many brands hire a copywriters for social media alone.

If you get leads and traffic from social media, you can improve your content quality to get even better results in the long-term.

Social media content does not have to be so informative as website content, but it must be very interesting.

Your followers see hundreds of posts in their feeds daily, no matter your niche or your platform.

At the same time, many profiles and pages try to get engagement from your target audience.

Most users just skip content until they find something really good. A social media copywriter can help you to create epic content that will get as much engagement as possible.

The formula for social media marketing is quality and quantity and to hire a copywriter can help that.

7. Avoid Grammar Mistakes

You don’t have to know about grammar and spelling to become an entrepreneur.

However, grammar issues are a big block for many beginners that are afraid to create content on the internet.

While you can always get tools or hire proofreaders to fix these problems, you still need some writing skills.

If you don’t want or don’t have the time to develop your writing skills, you can hire a copywriter.

A professional copywriter will not make grammar mistakes.

They double-check their content and use professional tools for these issues.

If your visitors find mistakes rarely, it will not affect your results. However, websites and social media profiles with many grammar mistakes destroy the user experience.

The content looks weird, and people will avoid these sites.

When it comes to SEO, grammar issues will affect your rankings.

Google focuses on user experience and avoids anything that disturbs it.

8. Write Persuasive Content

Persuasive content is essential when you want to make sales, get leads, and promote products.

Persuasion is an important skill for copywriters, and they must know how to use words that generate sales.

Copywriting is a type of writing that has advertising or marketing intent. Persuasive content uses psychology tricks between the words.

You must reduce your readers’ doubts and create excitement or positive images about the product’s results.

People don’t want to spend money on bad products or get scammed.

It’s amazing how many emotions you can trigger around your products if you have a good copy.

On the other hand, when a writer with no experience in copywriting tries to create copy, he probably doesn’t know how to generate sales.

A professional copywriter has studied the patterns that turn simple visitors into customers and can add them to your sales pages and marketing campaigns.

9. Create Different Formats Of Content

We have already mentioned different formats of content in this article.

There are blog posts, copy for landing pages, social media posts, content optimized for search engines, emails, etc.

Copywriters can do a great job with all these types of content.

Once they understand your audience, they can produce great content for every marketing campaign.

The truth is that almost every platform requires a different format. For a few examples, you can check the differences between blog posts and social media posts.

However, you need different content for Facebook than Twitter.

If you can adjust your strategy based on what your audience wants to consume on each platform, you can expect better results in the long-term.

A copywriter can create content for every campaign and edit your existing content to fit each platform’s audience.

Keep in mind that when you work with multiple content formats, you may need a bigger budget or hire more copywriters at the same time.

10. Calls To Action

netflix call to action

When you have already created your content, you need clear calls to action because you want to convert your readers into subscribers or customers.

Your calls to action are not a few random words or just some buttons on your website.

You need effective calls to action on your content. 

Your blog posts, social media profiles, emails, and ads have calls to action that will determine the success of your marketing strategy.

High click-through rates will make a huge difference in your results.

A professional copywriter can use power words that increase clicks and put the calls to action to the right place.

You can expect different results from a call to action on your sidebar than a call to action below your blog posts.

So, they must be optimized for a better click-through rate.

What If You Can't Afford To Hire A Copywriter

We need to admit that your business needs a budget to hire a good copywriter, because they are not cheap.

While there are good copywriters to hire at low hourly rates, it is not easy to find them.

Also, they will increase their rates once they improve their reputation and get many clients.

So, if you look for a permanent low budget solution, you must do most of your copywriting tasks by yourself.

Once you start getting results, you can outsource these tasks.

Copywriting is a skill that you can learn through practice. The best way to practice is by learning techniques and applying them to your website.

Also, you must learn from experts and get examples.

For this reason, you can begin with the book Copywriting Secrets by Jim Edwards. He is an expert copywriter, and this book includes everything that he knows.

Another resource for your business is Funnel Scripts.

It is a copy generating software that is created by Russel Brunson and Jim Edwards. Russel Brunson is the co-founder of ClickFunnels and one of the best internet marketers in the world.

Funnel Scripts will help you to create great headlines, calls to action, emails, ads, product descriptions, and more.

It saves you time and money.

Instead of creating everything by yourself or hire a copywriter, you can use the software to produce great copy.


Copywriting is important for your online business.

Whether you want to build a brand or get leads with your sales funnel, good copy will help you to get results.

It is possible to get started without knowledge about copywriting, but sooner or later, you will figure out that some posts and pages do not convert as expected.

The reason can be a bad call to action, content that can’t get the reader’s attention or other mistakes relevant mistakes.

When you get traffic on a website or sales funnel but can’t get enough conversions, your copy is the problem.

If you make some changes in your content or calls to action, the results will get improved.

Also, there are websites without much traffic and high conversion rates.

The owners of these sites know how to create a great copy or use the right tools.

Disclosure: When you purchase a service or a product through our links, we sometimes earn a commission.