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Who Is The One Funnel Away Challenge For​

Expert Secret Review – Become an attractive leader In Your Niche

Thanks to DotCom Secrets, you now know what sales funnels are and how they have tremendously helped businesses in selling products online successfully. 

That book was written by Russell Brunson, and this article is going to review another masterpiece by the author. 

His book, ‘Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook For Creating a Mass Movement of People Who Will Pay For Your Advice.’ 

Is a follow up of his bestseller’ DotCom Secrets’.

Expert secrets were published back in 2017. Its 256 pages hold secrets and tips to becoming an expert and creating your following. 

It is going to teach you how to come up with your message in changing someone’s life.

With several stories and examples, this book has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon with 168 customer reviews.

The book is meant for people who are running different types of businesses. One business is selling info products directly such as coaching, counseling, e-book, etc.

The second type of business is leveraging info products to boost and benefit their ow business. This is how Russell turned ClickFunnels into a $100 million business.

To know more about his secrets, let’s dive into the book, shall we?

Section 1: Creating Your Mass Movement

The book begins with teaching you how to create your mass movement. Russell believes that there are 3 common things found in all mass movements which are 

  • Each of them has an attractive leader with an irresistible charm.
  • Every mass movement circles around a future cause that weren’t in their capability. 
  • They all offered a new chance and opportunity to everyone from their audience. 

You need to know which aspect you’re going to target if you want to become an expert.

The 3 main aspects you can choose from wealth, health and relationships. 3 of them signify different priorities but these three core markets have hundreds of submarkets under them.

For instance, let’s choose wealth. Topics that come under wealth are a stock market investment, bitcoin technology, online marketing, etc. 

Choosing your domain is important to know which is your strong point.

Russell strongly believes that these submarkets aren’t specific enough yet. The variety is quite huge and the competition is tough. 

Standing out from the crowd might be a challenge as these submarkets are still too broad.

The only way to change this is by adding submarkets under a specific submarket. Being specific can help you figure out your niche and expertise.

If online marketing is your niche, you don’t need to be good at everything in online marketing. 

Having something specific will make you stand out more. You might want to become an expert in automating emails daily. 

This gives you enough time to thrive and be excellent at what you choose. After choosing your niche, you’re now moving on to creating your Attractive Character.

the attractive character

In this section, Russell talks about the importance of having a persona which will inspire people to follow you. 

Building a persona takes the utmost dedication and persuasiveness. You don’t want to come off boring and lose the interest of potential followers. 

Keeping these points in mind, you will start creating an Attractive Character with unique traits and characteristics. 

This is what your fans will see.

Once you’ve created your Attractive Character, building a mass movement becomes a lot easier since you already know the main focal point of the movement.

Through this section, you’ll figure out who to work with, how to reach out to them, what your main focus should be, what results they’re expecting from you and what you should do to deliver those results.

Section 2: Creating a Belief

This section highlights the importance of knowing your followers and their minds.

Turning your followers into potential customers require you to do your research in-depth
“The Domino” or ‘One thing’ is what Russell asks us to focus on.

Identify the one thing that you believe in.

Use that to influence the people following you and get them on board. It will completely change the way your business functions.

Next, to better connect with your audience, Russell talks about coming up with your “the Epiphany Bridge”.

The Epiphany Bridge

ExpertSecrets-Epiphany Bridge

Russell talks about connecting with your audience emotionally in this section. 

To do that, you first need to come up with your ‘epiphany bridge’.

This story will help in connecting with your audience as you take them through your journey. 

Revealing the struggle you faced personally can create an emotional impact on the minds of your followers.

Being realistic about your experience will have your audience thinking about their epiphany. 

This will make them more excited to explore and learn about it on their own. This is where you test your skills as a storyteller. 

You need to tug the right strings of your followers’ hearts to get them to feel the same emotions as you did. 

Storytelling is an art and Russell strongly emphasizes the point in this section.

The framework of storytelling according to Russell included simplifying complex concepts for your followers. Creating a bridge should involve bringing out the right feelings.

A story framework known as The Hero’s 2 Journeys is a popular formula followed by many movies for years. 

It has the perfect structure that any story can easily adapt.

Following this, Russell came up with the Epiphany Bridge Scrip which allows you to create a story yourself. 

All you have to do is answer 8 questions and you’re good to go, you already have your story written out for you!

Section 3: The Stack: Selling with Authenticity

This is where you combine the two concepts in the first 2 sections to boost sales. 

What Russell talks about in this section is the Stack Slide which leads to an increase in the overall value of your product.

The Stack Slide

The Stack Slide is a crucial element of marketing. It has a great impact when used inside a webinar or on a sales page. 

Russell explains how you can easily build your Stack Slide effectively. 

Once you’ve created it, you can market it through an online webinar. Webinars are have proven to be the best method of selling products fast. This is mainly because you can have unlimited webinars running every day. You don’t need to have a live event, it can be as simple as selling a single presentation.

Perfect Webinar


Since Russell spent a lot of time doing live webinars, he finally cracked the code to success over time. 

Through this concept, he was able to reach sales targets consistently, eventually leading him to hit a million-dollar jackpot. 

He calls this concept or practices the Perfect Webinar.

In this section, you’ll be learning how to structure your webinar effectively. 

It will teach you a lot about taking a prospect from a point of interest to converting them into a customer. 

Getting them to pay for the valuable content you’re providing is the ultimate goal of this section. 

You’re free to use this script to understand how valuable your service or product is and how to market it the right way. 

The marketing secrets in this book make it so much easier for beginners especially

Expert Secrets Pricing

The paperback edition of Expert Secrets found on Amazon retails at $13.56 and the Kindle version costs around $8.69. 

You can also avail of a huge discount if you buy directly through Russell’s website. 

You only need to pay for shipping and handling which costs $7.95 only. 

Buying from his site directly will make you realize the different sales funnels he’s been speaking of in the book. 

This is your chance to firsthand experience most of the concepts he talked about in the book. 

If you’re into audiobooks then The Expert Secrets audiobook can be found on his site available for purchase! 

Every business needs a crazy fan following to reach their goals. You don’t need to depend on huge platforms to gain a following anymore. 

Expert Secrets is all about that. When you have people following everything you say, you don’t have to worry about sales. 

They will eventually convert.


This book will prove to be a great tool for your business as it teaches you how to use your knowledge, ability, and talent to shape your business to help other people. 

Expert Secrets is the only step by step guide you need to achieve your business goals.

Getting customers to pay for the valuable content you’re providing is the ultimate goal of this book.

Disclosure: When you purchase a service or a product through our links, we sometimes earn a commission.