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Dotcom Secrets pdf download_ Can you get it for free by Russell Brunson_ (1)

Dotcom Secrets pdf download: Can you get it for free by Russell Brunson?

If you are a business student or a company looking for some hands on tips about the art of marketing then you should definitely invest time and money in getting Dot Com Secrets.

In today’s age and time when everything is available on the internet, you might also be tempted to look for a Free Dotcom Secrets PDF file to download.

But can you actually download it?

To find out this and other stuff about the book, you will have to read through this article.

So, what exactly are Dotcom Secrets?

DotCom Secrets is a book written on marketing and it is considered to be one of the best on the topic by many known readers and reviewers.

The book is titled :

‘The underground playbook for Growing your Company Online’

The book rightfully lives up to the standard as the author of the book.

Russell Brunson himself says that the book helps you learn the science behind the field of marketing

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What is Russell Brunson’s story?

Dotcom Secret pdf Clickfunnels Book (1)

Russell Brunson has said in many interviews ever since the book came out that he has been part of an underground group of entrepreneurs that no one has probably heard about.

That is where he first thought about writing on the subject of marketing and came up with the idea of a book.

Brunson has many stories that he affiliates with writing the book.

One story that he shared was about selling a course on ‘how to make a potato gun?’ 

According to the author of this game changing book, he had no money and there was only this idea of this book that he came up with initially.

He had, however, fortunately enough made some money through placing advertisements on Google which he was quite content with at that time.

To his surprise, one not-so-fine day, he got the news of having the price of the advertisements increased.

He obviously got furious and frustrated because there was no Plan B that he had in mind to go to.

The only choice he had that time was to turn off the advertisement like any sane marketer would do and so, he did just that.

That day, Brunson got yet another motivation to work on the book and develop strategies for people like him who have nowhere to go to or are left at the mercy of no one.

So, that there could be something to turn back to in times of business crisis from where he and many like him look up for expert advice.

What did he do next?

That day Brunson had realized something in that hour, that he had to beat his competitors as there was no looking back from there.

Funding or no funding, he could not have lost hope at that point.

Otherwise, he would always have indulged in self-pity and identified himself as a failure.

He took a clever route from there and the rest as they say is history!

By reading the points and strategies shared in the funnels, you could get a hang of dealing with different clients.

Getting funding in times of crisis when you sometimes feel completely hopeless.

Why should you invest in Dotcom Secrets?

There are many reasons why you should invest your time and money in DotCom Secrets.

Apart from being an encyclopedia of the field of marketing, the book has many professional and personal reasons to help you understand the online business and how it works.

The book also provides insights on how people can be provided with the best value against their purchases.

After all, marketing is not only about selling the product but, also, about making sure that the customer comes back to again.

Reasons to invest in the book

Here are a few important things that should motivate you to invest in the DotCom Secrets:

  • As a reader who does not know anything about marketing or running an online business.
    ou will be able to understand the mechanisms of the field and how to professionally incorporate them in your work.
  • You will get a better sense of structuring your offers so that you are able to provide better to your customers.
  • The marketing tactics are quite simple: the more customers you attract, the more money you make and that is what the book advocates.
  • As a marketer, you would be amazed as how many customers you make after the book will come into your life because there are some important points that you need to take notes of as soon as possible.
  • You will be able to get customers for free without spending a single penny on any lame marketing strategies like giving free offers or unnecessary discounts to people that they do not really care about.
  • By using the marketing strategies given in the book, you will be able to sell more of your product and generate a better revenue in no time that will also help your business flourish.
  • Another thing to note here is that DotCom Secrets is a book that not only helps online businesses but, others can take help from it, too.
  • There are several real life and professional examples and experiences that Brunson ponders upon and discusses in depth throughout the book.
  • Brunson also offers possible solutions to the problems that marketers and businesses face when they are in the field.
  • The book has some meaningful information that you won’t find elsewhere, not even online.
  • The book uncovers secrets of the online market and how to conquer it one step at a time through the notes that you will be able to take from it once you get your hands on it.

What is the potato gun course?

In the case of the potato gun course, customers might feel like what else do they need to do to help them grow or how can they be provided with more value services in exchange of the price they are paying.

In this case, Brunson provides quite a simple solution which is to partner up with someone who also sells potato guns.

According to the author, this way you will be able to share the business and the hassle that comes with it.

If for instance, someday you did not have a potato gun, your business partner would be able to provide it to the customer right away and your business would not really be affected in anyway whatsoever.

This is also a marketing tactic to increase the business average and gain more profit through advertising.

How intelligent is that?

This is just one of the many examples that you will be able to find in the book once you have your own copy.

That is why you should not think twice and get a copy of the DotCom Secrets as soon as possible.

The most important question now: Is it possible to download a PDF of the book?

With the advancement of technology and getting everything online nowadays.

It is only fair that many people have this confusion about the DotCom Secrets having a free PDF available or not.

The simple answer to make sure all of you are clear of any ambiguities is that there is no PDF copy of the book available online.

That is just not possible. The book is only available in a paperback copy.

Just because the book is available in a paperback copy does not mean that you should be disappointed just yet.

The physical copy of the book is still free.


Do not understand how it works?

It is quite simple.

All you really have to do is pay for the shipping charges or any other outbound charges that you will have to bear along with it.

That is it.

To be honest, PDF copies of the book or any document might seem a good idea because of being free.

However, the truth is that sometimes, people lose interest while reading a book because it is available on a PDF or they do not have an actual physical copy of it.

PDF copies of the book also require extra space in your computer or phone which everyone does not have.

Also, reading on a phone is not really recommended as it can weaken your eyesight as well.

Sitting in front of the computer and reading the same thing for hours can also give you a headache and make you lose interest in the book or the topic.

Why should you order the book?

Carrying the book in the form of a physical copy is so much easier and more convenient.

You can just open the book while you are stuck in the traffic or bored in the office.

You can read while trying to avoid an unnecessary conversation and no one will actually even mind.

When you order a paperback copy of a book, the book also lives with you in your shelf or your desk where other people can also see it and the next thing you know.

You might recommend it to them or they might have already read it before you and the two of you can actually have a meaningful conversation about the book and its content.

When you see the book in front of eyes every day, you are reminded to start reading from where you left.

This way, you are actually motivated to finish the book rather in the case of a PDF when sometimes; you just leave it halfway through.

Think about it like this:

If you also get the DotCom Secrets for free in an online PDF version for free would you value it for the masterpiece that it is?

No, right?

Because it will come to you for free.

Often, we do not value the things in life just because they come to us for free.

The things that we have to go out of our way and make a little effort for are the things that we value the most when they come to us.

This is not a scam: The book is free, the delivery is not!

The simple rule is that there is nothing in the world as a free lunch.

Yes, you read that correct.

Since the main idea of the book is to help promote online businesses that lack behind in the marketing game.

The author, Brunson has made the book available for free to anyone who wants it.

However, the delivery and shipping services do not have the same heart and have a business to run as well.

So, all you really have to pay for are the delivery charges that may vary from location to location.

Just make sure you know the exact amount at the time of ordering so that when the book arrives at your doorstep.

There are no surprises that you would not like or appreciate.

Drawbacks of reading in a PDF version

There are so many pirated versions of the book available online also but, those can even harm your computer.

Be sure before you actually decide to access the book through those because chances are that the content is not what the real book has to offer.

You could be looking at a completely different thing in the name of DotCom Secrets.

Stop thinking too much and pay the shipping charges.

For once, invest in something productive and beneficial for your own sake and betterment.

You can then pass it on to others and help them the same way that the book helped you.

Happy reading the DotCom Secrets!

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