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How to Create the Perfect Content Marketing Sales Funnel for Your Business

How to Create the Perfect Content Marketing Sales Funnel for Your Business

A content marketing sales funnel turns the visitors of a website or blog into customers of your business.

You want to get the maximum from your traffic without losing potential leads.

Most online buyers tend to visit many websites before they make a purchasing decision.

In most cases, they don’t search for a specific product or service because they don’t know they need your product.

Your visitors want to learn something interesting when they visit a page or a post.

They have a problem or a question and type on Google a relevant term. Their first goal is to find information about the topic that they search.

Your content marketing sales funnel will get these readers and show them how your products can solve their problems.

What Is A Content Marketing Sales Funnel?

A content marketing sales funnel is the method that we can use to convert the readers through different types of content.

It can include blog posts, videos, emails, social media posts, and many other types of content.

Your readers go through the funnel and your content until they become your customers.

There are three main parts of a funnel that you should use. However, each part can include more than one step. 

Top of the funnel or awareness: It happens when a user visits your website for the first time. This part focus on generating traffic and brand awareness.

Middle of the funnel: Turning visitors into leads. In this part, you offer a lead magnet in exchange for their contact details.

Bottom of the funnel: You focus on a product or offer to make a sale.

sales funnel

Top Of The Funnel - Awareness:

The top of the funnel is the step that you get the attention of your target audience. 

If you have a content marketing strategy, you use content to get traffic and visitors. 

Your content can answer questions or suggest solutions to specific problems.

When people visit your blog to read your posts or get your updates on social media, they start communicating with your brand.

They feel more comfortable over time and have more chances to convert.

Middle Of The Funnel:

The second step is to get an email address or other contact details from your visitors. It’s the phase that you turn a visitor into a lead.

You need an email form and an offer that will motivate to fill in their email address. 

The offer must include something of value like an e-book or a report that you will give in exchange for their contact details.

Bottom Of The Funnel - Make The Sale:

The second step is to get an email address or other contact details from your visitors. It’s the phase that you turn a visitor into a lead.

You need an email form and an offer that will motivate to fill in their email address. 

The offer must include something of value like an e-book or a report that you will give in exchange for their contact details.

Need more traffic to your website or funnel_

Why Do You Need A Content Marketing Sales Funnel

Content marketing has some advantages over paid advertising and other types of marketing.

It can help any business to get more leads and sales. However, it does not offer instant benefits like paid advertising because your content will get the maximum after a while.

Here are some benefits of a content marketing strategy.

1. Spend Less Money On Paid Ads

While paid ads can work with the right targeting, they cost money.

If you don’t have available cash to invest, you will not be able to generate traffic and leads from any paid advertising program.

The costs of paid ads increase through the years because most people turn into digital marketing.

Creating and publishing content does not require constant investment. When you publish a piece of content on your website, it can get traffic for years.

You may need some minor updates, but you don’t have to recreate it from the beginning.

2. Increase Organic Search Traffic

Google and other search engines crawl websites to find more content that they will rank based on their ranking factors.

The more content you publish in any platform, the more rankings and organic search traffic you can expect.

3. Brand Awareness

This is the first step of a content marketing sales funnel.

Your target audience will visit your website, read quality content, and will recognize you as an expert in your niche.

Getting ranked on the first page of Google for different keywords can help you build even more trust with your visitors.

4. Get Higher Conversion Rates

Organic search traffic is highly targeted because people for relevant keywords in your niche.

Visitors from search engines will stay longer on your site and have more chances to convert into leads and customers.

Brand awareness and great organic results is a combination that will boost your conversion rates in every campaign.

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Know Your Audience

Before you start creating content and a sales funnel, you need to know and understand your audience.

You create content and offers for your target audience, and if you can’t help with their problems, you will not get traffic and leads.

You can answer some simple questions:

  • Who is your average customer?
  • What are the interests and habits of your target audience?
  • What are the problems of your target audience?
  • How can you solve their problems?
  • What type of content do they like to consume online?

Your audience will determine the biggest part of your strategy. It’s quite different to target middle-aged persons than teenagers.

Also, it’s to sell products and services for work-at-home moms than single men.

Your content, call to action, and social media marketing strategy must be adjusted to their needs.

Find Content Ideas That Work

Content marketing is about creating quality content.

Before you start writing and distributing your content in your different marketing channels, you need to find a few content ideas that work.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel and discover something new. People don’t search on the internet new things but the ones that already exist.

You can search for topics that already get results for other people and create something better or different that is worth reading.

Your target audience can show you the way.

They ask questions on search engines and social media that you can find and answer them with your content.

You can find these questions on the featured snippets of Google, forums, Quora, and the comments below your articles.

Also, you need to check the content that performs well for your competitors. If you create something good on the same topic, you will get some results as well.

You can find the best topics based on the shares that they get on social media, views on YouTube, and engagement on blog posts.

If you create a list of keywords and content ideas that get good results on search engines and social media, you can move on to the next step and start creating your content.

Create High-Quality Content

We must create content for all the three steps of a content marketing sales funnel. 

There are different types of content for each step, so you can be creative with the process if the focus is on the quality.

Top Of The Funnel

You want to reach as many people as possible that are interested in your niche before moving to the next steps of the funnel.

So, types of content that can get attention from people that don’t know about your brand yet are the best options. 

Blog posts: Google and search engines love blog posts because they can include a lot of content and information for a topic.

If you create a quality blog post and optimize it for SEO, you have many chances to get ranked on the first page of Google and get shares on social media that will generate more traffic for your website.

Infographics: They are huge images with a lot of details on a specific topic.They can include all the steps of a how-to article or a list of actions that you can take to solve a problem. Infographics can get good rankings and shares like blog posts.

Videos: It is a powerful type of content that boosts conversion rates and engagement on social media. You can add them to blog posts or upload them on YouTube for more views. A video can describe a topic or a product in detail and engage the viewers.

Podcasts: It is content on audio format. They take up to an hour and give information about a specific topic. You can add podcasts on a blog and other online platforms.

These are the main types of content that tend to work well with a content marketing sales funnel.

You can break them down and share them on social media and other platforms for backlinks and traffic.

Middle Of The Funnel

Once you get traffic on the top of the funnel with your content, you want to get some contact details. The focus is not on getting attention anymore but on how to get leads.

The best way to achieve that is by offering more niche related content that they would like to read.

This type of content is called lead magnet and will be available only to your subscribers.

Most users on the internet will not give their contact details for free. They must feel that your lead magnet deserves their email address. 

Here are some ideas for great lead magnets:

Case Studies: It is a type of content with data and stats for a project. Your target audience will learn how to do specific things and what results they can expect from their actions.

Free ebooks: An ebook can be a detailed guide about a topic. It does not have to be super lengthy but must educate your target audience.

Training Videos: You can show them how you handle some difficult tasks. They can be short but helpful videos.

Checklist: It includes specific steps that your target audience can take to achieve a goal. A checklist is not lengthy but provides many actionable steps.

Bottom Of The Funnel

The final step is to create content that will turn the subscribers into customers. Until that point, they have received valuable content for free.

Usually, the first steps on the bottom of the funnel provide free content before starting with the promotions.

Once they subscribe, you will send the lead magnet and then emails sequences. 

These emails can request a sale because your product will be the ultimate solution to their problems.

You can improve your click-through-rates of your emails by optimizing your titles, copy, and calls to action.

Here are some types of content that can work well in this step:

Free trials: If you can give them a sample or a free trial of your product, it will be easier for your subscribers to continue with the paid version.

Testimonials: Content with testimonials helps them understand that other people with the same problems and doubts already get results from the product.

Webinars/Courses: You can create videos and articles that educate them about your products and show them how they work in action. They will inspire your subscribers to test the product by themselves.

Discounts: If you offer the product at a lower price, you can get make more sales. You can speed up the process by giving them a time limit to use your discount.


These were the main steps to create a perfect content marketing sales funnel.

When you turn a subscriber into a customer, you can keep promoting different products and offer them up-sells in the future.

Repetitive sales are a big part of the revenue for many businesses.

If you want to scale your business and get more customers, you can keep repeating the three steps of a funnel.

You can create more content and optimize the existing pages for better results.

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