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Boost Conversions

11 Amazing Call To Action Trigger Words To Boost Conversions Sky High

You’ve finally created the website for your brand. 

Now you want traffic on the page, but unfortunately, you’re unable to gain as much as you expect. 

You wonder where you went wrong with your sales funnel/website

Maybe it’s the design, maybe it’s the usability, maybe it’s aesthetic, you wonder and wonder. 

But what if it’s the content? 
What if you need to change the wording?
What if you need to change the concept?

Well, the first rule of marketing is to produce high-quality content. You want to achieve high click-through-rates but you don’t know where to start.

Worry not! 

Read this article to know how to incorporate the right call to action buzz words in your content to produce high traffic.

Never underestimate the power of words. In this case, call to action buzz words. 

Just changing the wording of the CTA words can tweak visitors. 

A conversion path isn’t easy to figure out. But once you find it, you can have your visitors follow it effectively.

Listed below are 11 great examples of CTAs that you can use throughout the site to boost clock-through-rates.

So what is the purpose Of Call To Actions (CTA) buzzwords?

A call to action phrase or string of words that is used to direct the visitors to certain pages. The path that the users follow is known as the conversion path.

Call to actions are used to persuade or convince your visitors to do something. 

Examples are asking for people to sign up for newsletters, sign up for a trial version or sign up to view files, etc. 

“submit” “download” “open now” doesn’t justify the use of call to action words now.

They’re quite simple, straightforward and not at all attractive. They don’t captivate or fascinate the user. 

‘Try for free today’ has a greater capturing effect than ‘try now’

The aesthetic behind Call to Actions

There is no recommended color or size that your call to action should be implementing.

But certain proven concepts can help your call to action work more effectively.

To make sure your call to action button gets attention and stands out on the page, you need to make it bigger than the rest of the buttons.

Make sure the button doesn’t blend in with the background. Other than being bigger, it also needs to be contrasting in color so it catches attention.

A lighter or darker shade might not do the trick. Make sure it stands out from the rest on the page. 

This is why you need to focus on the color and size of the CTA button as well as it greatly helps in boosting CTRs.

Let’s check what 11 call to actions prove to work effectively whether it’s on your emails, ads or sales funnel.

1. Try It For Free

This is the most effective working call to action to use as this phrase allows users to feel relaxed and under no pressure to make a purchasing decision. 

They don’t want to feel obliged. 

Try” is a much better and softer version of order” and buy”.

“Free” on the other hand, tempts the user to try it without any risk. 

It becomes hard to reject an offer that has the word free” in it.

Everyone likes getting free stuff, especially when its something they look forward to.

2. Get Started Now

This call to action is short and sweet.

This allows the user to take charge and do as told. I

t reassures them as they don’t have to guess where the button might lead them. It triggers them to click on it. 

You can use this CTA if there isn’t a lot of space to add text in your CTA button.

3. Log In With Google/Facebook

No one likes filling long forms of information over and over again especially when it’s just to log in to a particular platform. 

Google and Facebook are popular platforms that reassure visitors that the site is legit. 

It makes onboarding so much easier for users as they can just quickly log in within one click or tap. 

No one has the time to be patient enough to fill repetitive information. 

Giving the users a chance to log in with Facebook and google eliminates the possibility of being irritated.

Keep in mind this call to action is mainly used for SAAS companies to use this call to action to build and collect relevant information from your existing google account.

4. Show Me My [Product]

This call to action creates a conversion path. It triggers the visitor to click to reach the next page. 

 Making a conversion path for users to complete should be easy. You only need to find out what their next step should be. 

Think from their point of view and find out what they might be expecting when they click on the call to action button.

5. Sign Up For A Free Trial

It’s a compelling call to action button compared to the rest. 

The word free makes everything compelling. 

No one resists free anything. 

You can also use ‘try it for free for a week’ as this is stronger. It compels the user to try out what’s being offered.

6. Start Your Free Trial Now

This is similar to sign up for a trial version. 

The only difference is that this call to action has the word ‘now’. It’s a simple straightforward word that strikes the visitor to believe they have limited time to react to it. 

This will tempt visitors to click on it and avail the offer asap.

7. Let’s Do It

This call to action button is simply the best. 

Not only does it induce excitement, but it also encourages the visitor to check out what’s being offered. 

It gives the impression that we’re here with you. A friendly call to action button has more chances of triggering a reaction than boring straightforward ones. 

You don’t want the visitor to feel confused and bored halfway through the journey. 

This CTA encourages them to go on and try.

8. Get Today Only

This CTA instills a sense of unease and urgency. The words ‘today only’ have an urging effect. 

People would want to try out the product or service being offered than losing a chance to try it. They cannot resist clicking on it once they see the words ‘today only’

9. Get Your Free [Something]

This call to action has always proven to be short but effective. 

While it includes the word ‘free’ it also includes the word ‘your’ which gives the visitor a sense of being welcomed to try out the product or service personally. 

It doesn’t always have to be a product or service. It can be something valuable as well. It all depends on the preference of the visitors on your page. 

You should know your audience well before deciding what valuable content you will be offering to them. 

It can be a tutorial, an e-book or anything that might be of value to the user.

10. Give [Product] A Try-It’s Free For 60 Days

This is just another version of the free call to action. Offering free trials can come in many forms. 

You can always explore the variation and choose which one would work the best in your case. 

While it urges the user to try it within 60 days, it also tempts them because it is free. 

Using this CTA brilliantly can do wonders to boost CTRs.

11. See How It Works

This is a sales booster. It drives traffic to your service and product instantly. 

Whether it is through your landing page or ad, your product getting the recognition is your ultimate goal. 

Having a short tutorial or 60-second demo video of the product is a great way to inform the visitor as well as boost traffic on your page or ad.

Call To Actions That Don’t Work

Now that you know which ones to use, you should also know what not to do.
Always be careful of writing call to actions which are too weak or too strong. 

They can stir trouble.

Weak Call To Actions

A weak call to action is unclear. 

It leaves the user confused

It doesn’t explain what the user will expect to come across after clicking on it. This most of the times don’t trigger a reaction. 

The visitor is most likely following directions and assuming they already know what they have to do next is wrong.

Giving them clear directions will help them stick around longer.

Too Strong Call To Actions

A strong call to action asks for a commitment right away. 

‘Buy now’ will make the user make a haphazard decision when they don’t want to. Especially first-time visitors don’t want to be pressured into anything.


Now that you know what to do and what not to do, you can use them to boost your CTRs instantly!

Building a website is the first step to establishing a strong online presence. 

Publishing relevant content is second, and converting visitors into customers is third. 

It’s not a quick process, but now that you know what to do and what not to do with the content you publish, you can use these tips to boost your CTRs instantly!

Disclosure: When you purchase a service or a product through our links, we sometimes earn a commission.