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15 Examples of High-Converting Call-to-Action Phrases You Can Copy

You will find out fifteen high-converting call-to-action phrases that you can use as examples to create your sales funnels and internet marketing campaigns.

The call-to-action is an essential part of your strategy and determine results.

Every marketer needs to know when to use them and how to get the maximum.

What Is A Call-To-Action?

A call-to-action or CTA is a term that we use in marketing to describe the words or phrases that request from the user to take action.

A call-to-action can have different formats, words, and types of actions.

You can see two-word buttons that ask for the users to subscribe to an email list or lengthy phrases.

Many marketers use images or videos for their call-to-action as well.

The format is not important if it can produce results, which is the goal of every online campaign.

Most big websites test multiple types of calls-to-action regularly.

The call-to-action almost always includes a link that sends the visitor to the requested page.

Why You Need A Call-To-Action

A call-to-action connects your marketing strategy that can include your social media campaigns, email marketing, blogging, and landing pages with the page that completes a conversion.

If you want to build an email list, the call-to-action will motivate your visitors to subscribe.

You can’t assume that visitors understand what you expect from them to do on a website.

Usually, they have no idea about the next logical step or the right place to do something.

A call-to-action show and motivate them to do something right now.

If you don’t create a call-to-action, they will consume your content and move away from your pages most of the time.

How Long A Call-To-Action Should Be

Many internet marketers worry about the length of their call-to-action.

Usually, they worry if it is too lengthy.

Short call-to-action phrases are common from many websites and landing pages.

However, there is no rule about length.

Your goal is to motivate people to join your email list or buy a product.

If you can achieve that by using many words, then you should do it.

The best length for a call-to-action is the one that has higher conversion rates.

The good news is that length will not affect so much the results like the following tips.

Tips To Apply When You Write A Call-To-Action

You can use a call-to-action in different types of pages like blog posts, landing pages, social media posts, emails, and many more.

Your style and tone must be similar to the content of the page.

The goal of the campaign will determine the call-to-action as well.

For example, you will use different words when you want to make a sale than getting more subscribers.

However, you can use the following tips in most types of call-to-action phrases.

Use Action Words

An action word is any word that asks people to do something.

For example, words like subscribe, start, join, do, write, fill in, buy, etc.

These words are clear about the desired outcome, and the user can understand what they must do.

Most effective calls-to-action include at least one action word.

Writing In First Person:

When the reader feels that you directly talk to him, the content and call-to-action will become more interesting and engaging.

Create Urgency:

You can create a sense of urgency by adding a timeframe in your offers.

If the buyers know that they have a limited time to get some benefits from your pages, there are more chances to take action.

For example, you can offer a discount for a few days or give a specific amount of free copies for a specific product.

Eliminate Their Doubts and Worries:

Whether you request contact details or a sale, your target audience must feel secure on your website.

They mustn’t think that there are chances to make the wrong decision.

You can help them by adding some social proof or explaining every step of the process.

Use Nice Colors and Shapes:

The call-to-action can be on text format, button, image, or video.

In every case, your call-to-action must be visible and clickable.

You can use different colors than your content or add buttons with nice shapes.

The goal is to get the attention and make it clear for every reader what they must do.

15 Examples of High-Converting Call-to-Action Phrases

1. Try 30 Days Free - Netflix


It is one of the biggest companies in the world that get customers only online.

You can see the simplicity of the homepage.

Everything is straightforward.

They mention their service and their call-to-action about trying Netflix for free.

The call-to-action is on the center of the page with big capital letters and a simple email form field.

The red colors get the attention, and it eliminates the visitors’ worries by mentioning that they can cancel anytime.

2. Sign Up For Free - Evernote

Sign Up For Free - Evernote​

Another call-to-action that requests from the users to get started for free.

They use the colors of the brand that are green and white, but they have some information about their service before the call-to-action.

Then, they use an image that looks like a screenshot of the members’ area.

The placement of the call-to-action is on the left of the page, and there are two smaller calls-to-action on the top right.

It is clear on this homepage that is a service about taking notes that you can start for free.

3. Sign Up With Email - Canva

Sign Up With Email - Canva​

Canva has an interesting homepage because it includes three call-to-action phrases that mention how to sign up.

There are only three lines of the content above the calls-to-action that describe the simplicity of their service that they offer it for free.

The placement is at the center of the page with no distractions, and they use the colors of their logo

4. Grade My Google Ads Account - Wordstream

Grade My Google Ads Account - Wordstream​

There are three options at the center of their homepage.

The first one mentions that you can ask for them to grade your Google Ads account.

This is their main call-to-action. The other options are available for the users that will not choose the first one.

WordStream uses an orange color that is quite different from the colors of their homepage and uses first-person writing to grab our attention.

5. Get Spotify Free - Spotify

Get Spotify Free - Spotify​

It is not common to mention the name of the brand into a call-to-action phrase.

Spotify uses an action word and the word free that is very powerful.

This call-to-action is very simple but gets the attention of the visitor instantly.

The combination of the colors and the shape of the button attract a lot of clicks.

6. Sign Up - It's Free - Trello

Sign Up - It's Free - Trello​

The colors on the homepage of Trello create a compelling copy and call-to-action.

They use only blue and white colors, but the call-to-action has a simple green color.

There is a small description before the email form that mentions what you can expect from the website and a nice image.

The call-to-action has two phrases that highlight the desired action and their free service.

These messages are straightforward and help the user to begin with Trello

7. Sign Up To Drive - Uber

Most people already know Uber, so they expect to earn money driving when they visit the homepage.

Uber keeps it simple and mentions what most visitors already expect to read.

They tell you to sign up to drive.

It’s the perfect call-to-action for this website.

You can use something similar on your landing pages but adjust it to your products.

The page does not include any details or distractions that could confuse the visitors or make them overthink something.

8. Start Free 14 Day Trial Now - ClickFunnels

Start Free 14 Day Trial Now - ClickFunnels​

There are two call-to-action phrases on the homepage of ClickFunnels.

The first one mentions that you can start for free now. It mentions the period of the free trial and an action word.

In smaller letters, you can see the phrase “Start Building The Right Funnel Right Now.”

While other websites keep it simple, ClickFunnels adds more details and a video presentation.

You can also notice the consistency of the colors that are blue and white most of the time

9. Buy Now - Quickbooks

Buy Now - Quickbooks​

It has two calls-to-action.

The first one is super simple in a highlighted green color and motivates the users to buy the services of the websites.

The second one informs us about the 30-day free trial.

The sizes of the call-to-action buttons are smaller compared to the most websites on this list.

There are many details on the page that try to convince the user about the benefits of the company.

10. Sign Up To Ride - Lyft

Sign Up To Ride - Lyft​

Lyft has chosen to use two menus on the homepage.

The first menu is on the top of the homepage with the basic options of the website.

The second menu is on the bottom of the same page and highlights the call-to-action with a blue button.

The call-to-action is super simple and straightforward.

The most interesting part of the page is the video that plays between these two menus.

11. Sign Up With Google - Hotjar

Sign Up With Google - Hotjar​

Hotjar uses a very clean design with black and white colors.

However, the two calls-to-action have different colors.

The main button at the center of the page has a blue color, and the button at the top of the page has a red color.

They can easily grab the attention on a white and black page.

Both of them start with an action phrase and invite you to sign up with Google.

12. Shop - Nike

Shop - Nike​

It is a one-word call-to-action, but it is powerful.

Most people who visit the site of Nike want to buy something or check the products.

“Shop” is an action word that improves the decision of the user to buy something.

It does not try to convince you about something. We can also find smaller calls-to-actions that include discounts and benefits.

13. Start Free Trial - Shopify

Start Free Trial - Shopify​

Shopify uses a page with many small pictures that can distract you from the call-to-action.

However, they use the same call-to-action twice.

The first placement is the right of the page with a big headline and email form field.

The second placement is on their menu that we can see at the top of the page.

They promote their free trial, and this is what they mention.

14. Contact Us - Taboola

Contact Us - Taboola​

Instead of joining or buying something, Taboola motivates the users of their website to contact them.

There are only one headline and a button with a bright yellow color that includes the call-to-action phrase.

An interesting element is a video that plays in the background.

The video includes beautiful scenes and examples of websites.

15. Sign Up Free - GetResponse

Sign Up Free - GetResponse​

GetResponse uses two simple calls to action that ask for the user to sign up for free.

They use a white landing page with some information.

The calls-to-action has blue colors that the visitor can see right away.

They include other minor calls-to-action with the words “learn how” and “see all solutions”.

Many parts of the homepage are clickable and send the visitors deeper on other pages of the website.


The best copywriters use different elements to get great results.

Simple pages can work well when it is obvious what the users can expect from a website.

Then, the calls-to-action tend to include an action word.

Words like “free and now” are common on calls-to-action.

You can learn how to create great calls-to-action with practice and A/B testing.

If you test different variations of the same page, you can find the version that generates the higher conversion rate, whether it is a sale or a subscription.

The last suggestion is to learn from the bests.

You can find books and other resources that include valuable details.

A great example is a book by Jim Edwards with the name Copywriting Secrets.

Find out More About the Book

The book gives many tips that experts use in their campaigns, and Jim is a word-class copywriter that can show you how to improve your skills.

Disclosure: When you purchase a service or a product through our links, we sometimes earn a commission.