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10 Powerful GetResponse Reviews Ranking First Page On Google

10 Powerful GetResponse Reviews Ranking First Page On Google

You will read the top GetResponse reviews in this post.

The following reviews are from big and trustworthy sites with a big audience.

GetResponse is a popular tool, so all the reviews are positives.

However, each review focuses on different things.

1. PCMag

getresponse review

PCMag publishes many reviews on digital and marketing products.

It tends to create detailed and lengthy reviews.

The same applies to their post about GetResponse that includes information about every part of the tool.

The good news is that you don’t have to read all the content to get their main points and understand what they say.

They like that GetResponse is easy to use with many options and features.

These elements make it helpful for most types of internet marketers.

However, they don’t like the analytics because they are overwhelming and the lack of 24/7 customer service.

They have many reports and tracking systems that can confuse beginners but are helpful for most marketers.

Beginners can use the stats they understand in the beginning and learn their options as they use GetResponse.

The lack of 24/7 customers can be a problem for businesses that run big or multiple projects and need super fast support.

GetResponse has a 4 out of 5 ranking from PCMag.

They say that GetResponse can cover most small business needs.

They probably have dropped the total ranking because of the two issues above.

2. Style Factory Blog

getresponse review

Style Factory Blog publishes reviews on internet marketing programs.

It mentions the features and has lists of pros and cons.

While it is a blog with many affiliate links, they mention each product’s negatives and compare it with other alternatives.

They don’t give us a ranking as the most websites on this post, but Style Factory is clear about what they like and what they don’t like.

In the positives, they like the pricing plans of GetResponse.

They believe that fair prices can make a difference compared to other overpriced alternatives in the market.

Their second favorite part is the marketing automation functionality.

It’s quite easy to automate your campaigns even if you are a complete beginner.

On the other hand, the drag and drop feature needs improvements and can make it difficult to create your own funnels according to Style Factory.

The lack of phone support is a problem as well.

It is available only with the Max package.

They don’t have a final verdict, but there are positive aspects of GetResponse everywhere in this review.

In the last paragraph, they compare it with other email marketing tools and suggest GetResponse as a solid and reliable offering.

3. EmailToolTester

getresponse review

It is a website that focuses on the email marketing niche, so they have more specialized knowledge in these types of tools.

They also claim that they have performed tests that make their review unique.

According to EmailToolTester, GetResponse is an all-in-one email marketing tool.

It has features and options for different campaigns and pages that you can use for your business.

They liked the intelligent list automation and the available conditions we can use to send emails.

They give you the option to create emails based on the actions of your subscribers.

Next, GetResponse has great email design, spam testing, sales funnel, and landing page features.

However, they claim that the deliverability rate was not good enough on their tests.

Deliverability rate means how often a subscriber receives your emails.

We can assume that it was ok to pass their test and suggest it as a good email marketing but not great.

Their ranking on GetResponse is 4.2 out of 5.

They rank it above the average and love the number of options or features that you can use.

These features make it an all-in-one marketing tool because they can help with every part of a campaign.


getresponse review

This website has different information for small businesses that want to get online.

It is not specialized in email marketing but checks how useful GetResponse is for a small business.

It has some pros and cons, and a 86% ranking based on other people’s opinions on Twitter.

This review mentions the customer service, the free trial for the first month, and the tracking tool in their positives.

They do not like that some landing pages are not free and the lack of refunds.

Some of the pros and cons may sound different than other reviews, but their focus is on small business owners.

GetResponse uses templates for different types of businesses, and the easy-to-use features allow anyone to create successful email marketing campaigns.

You don’t have to know technical things or hire freelancers to use it.

The final verdict is that GetResponse is worth the money because of the many available features.

There are multiple options for every user without needing a big budget to get started.

The years in the business of GetResponse is another thing that they mention as a factor of credibility.

It offers email marketing services from 1998 and is one of the top products in the industry.

5. G2

getresponse review

G2 is a website that includes reviews from users in many business-related products. We can say that these reviews are real, but some users may overreact on positive and negative events because of inexperience. For example, some common technical problems can be a reason for negative comments.

Most users are happy because GetResponse works as advertised. You can use features like landing pages, webinars, live chat, and customization options. This is what a user should expect from email marketing tools. We don’t take for granted the quality because many competitors don’t offer it.

When it comes to the negatives, GetResponse seems to have some technical problems with huge lists. People from GetResponse reply and try to figure out a solution that is a good sign for their support. However, many one-star rankings are based on these issues. It used to have some deliverability problems, but many new reviews confirm that they have resolved these issues.

The average ranking is 4.1 out of 5. It sounds good for an email marketing tool. We can understand from the user comments that GetResponse tries to solve problems and improve the available services.

6. Web Growth Boss

getresponse review

Web Growth Boss is a website with content about different internet marketing tools.

It mentions that GetResponse is for all the types of internet marketers, from bloggers to small businesses.

The biggest part of the review is on the available features of the tool and how they work.

They like the number of third-party integrations.

GetResponse can work with most online tools that could help you to build sales funnels and create landing pages.

GetResponse is ideal for affiliate marketing, according to Web Growth Boss.

It does not have strict rules as other alternatives and allows you to promote your links from all the popular affiliate programs.

The A/B testing and the communities are two extra things that they like.

They don’t like the lack of refunds.

It’s unlikely to send your money back after the 30-day trial period.

The lack of community groups and the design limitations in forms can be an issue as well.

Their final verdict is that GetResponse is one of the best email marketing tools.

It offers a complete package for most internet marketers and small business owners who want to expand online.

7. FinancesOnline

getresponse review

FinancesOnline has many reviews on marketing software, and the total ranking comes from their users and the opinion of the website.

It focuses on the basic advantages and uses of GetResponse without analyzing them in-depth.

However, we can understand if they like it or not.

They mention that you can use GetResponse to build an email list, set up campaigns, and track your results.

This is what most buyers of the tool want to achieve.

If an email marketing tool can help to build your list, most customers will be happy.

GetResponse solves specific problems. You will be able to write emails with great design.

They are responsive so that people can read them both from their computer and their smartphone.

You can also build landing pages, host webinars, and use the drag and drop builder to customize your landing pages or build new ones.

FinancesOnline gives an 8.7 out of 10 ranking.

Then, there is a 98% user satisfaction.

Eighteen users have ranked the tool, and all of them have added 5 out of 5 reviews.

From these rankings, we can see that users are happy with GetResponse, even if they don’t focus on the technical parts.


getresponse review

This website cares more about the features and how they perform.

It is a short review that includes pricing plans and features.

However, they have their own perspective of the program. believes that the email creator is one of the top features of the tool.

It helps the user to customize the emails.

You don’t have to know about design or coding to create professional emails, and it’s easy to add the logo of your company, images, videos, and links.

The free trial adds value because everyone can test it before buying, and GetResponse can work with your other marketing tools through the available integrations.

However, the drag and drop builder is not good enough, according to

Some competitors offer better alternatives in the specific feature.

Next, there are issues with spam emails.

A number of your emails will go to the spam folder, and the spam score of GetResponse does not explain how to fix it.

The last issue is the lack of free memberships for beginners.

Many competitors give their software for free when users have a limited number of subscribers.

The final verdict is that we can get affordable plans for some great features and templates.

They add GetResponse on the top email marketing tools.

9. Merchant Maverick

getresponse review merchantmaverick

Merchant Maverick is a website for small businesses, but there are different types of reviews and not only for email marketing tools.

It has created a lengthy article about GetResponse with many details.

GetResponse is an email marketing tool with good value for money.

It has a lot of features that can improve the results of your marketing campaigns, and every business owner can use it without technical knowledge.

Even if you don’t have used any similar tool before, you will figure out what you need to do to begin.

The only problem is the no refund policy.

It bothers many potential customers and is mentioned in many GetResponse reviews.

There is a risk for businesses with big email lists that must buy expensive packages.

The final verdict of Merchant Maverick is positive.

The low learning curve and the affordable prices make it an easy suggestion.

There are many videos with instructions and features that make it simple to add elements in your emails and landing pages.

10. Website Planet

getresponse review

Website Planet has two rankings for GetResponse.

The first ranking is from Website Planet and the second one from the users.

The website has a 4.8 review.

They like the number of features, the pricing plans, and the ease to use.

Many reviews mention the same benefits as well.

These benefits are the reason why so many people use GetResponse.

However, the no refund policy and the analytics are not so good.

The user reviews have an average ranking of 2.8.

The weird thing here is that there are comments from users in different languages.

The English speakers have left positive reviews and comments. 

People from other non-English countries have left negative reviews.

While the user reviews can be confusing on this site, the bad experience of the people who do not speak English is something to consider if you are not comfortable with your English.


GetResponse is a top website, and all the reviews on this post agree with that statement.

There are no negative GetResponse reviews from blogs and websites.

Some users had a negative experience for different reasons.

Usually, they had some technical issues.

However, most users are happy with the tool as well.

Try GetResponse for free, get your 30 days free trial today

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