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clickfunnels reviews

10 Powerful ClickFunnels Reviews Ranking First Page On Google

You will read about ten ClickFunnels reviews that we can find on the internet. 

ClickFunnels is a top sales funnels builder that allows us to get the maximum from our campaigns.

In these reviews, there are different perspectives and opinions.

You need to consider that many of these sites promote ClickFunnels because it has a good affiliatze program with recurring commissions.

It means that many of them focus on the positive aspects of the website to make sales. Let’s start with the first one:

1. Just Digital

Clickfunnels Review

It is a website that offers different digital marketing services.

This ClickFunnels review makes it clear that they offer consultation services for internet marketers that use sales funnels.

Just Digital tries to help potential clients to understand the software.

They include a lot of details in this review.

They mention most of the features and add many details.

However, if you have created a free account on ClickFunnels or were a member before, you already know them.

They have ranked ClickFunnels with a 4 out of 5.

They conclude that it’s worth your money, but you can find some pros and cons.

On the pros, they mention the ease of use and the fact that ClickFunnels help internet marketers to make money.

These pros are real, and many people prefer this company for these reasons.

You can build sales funnels with a drag and drop tool and use optimized pre-made templates.

The negatives focus on price and support.

Just Digital believes they could offer the same service at a lower price.

The basic membership costs $97, which can be expensive for beginners.

They also request better support when the members have problems with the necessary parts of the features.

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2. Markinblog

Clickfunnels Review

It is an affiliate blog, and the writer makes it clear that he is an affiliate of ClickFunnels.

This review includes many affiliate links for the main product of ClickFunnels and other resources.

However, we can read the opinion of the writer that focuses on two things.

Markinblog mentions that you can earn money or improve your earnings with a sales funnel.

If you have a product, you need to create the right sales funnel and send some traffic to it.

The second part is the website’s simplicity that helps people with no technical knowledge or experience in marketing to use sales funnels to their campaigns.

Of course, there are other positives on this review that have to do with the program’s features and value.

However, he thinks that the price could be lower, and some people can’t afford it.

A cheaper starting plan would bring more customers to ClickFunnels.

These people tend to use other tools they can afford.

The simplicity of the sales funnel builder has a negative aspect, according to Markinblog.

If you are an advanced user and have mastered the process of building funnels, it is not easy to get creative because of the simple features.

3. Hustle Life

Clickfunnels Review

It is a blog with reviews on various internet marketing products that earn money with affiliate marketing.

Their intention to promote ClickFunnels is obvious on Hustle Life as well.

They have created some rankings for a few parts of the program.

The score is almost perfect in usefulness, value, and ease of use, but not so good when it comes to the support.

They include some basic information about ClickFunnels and sales funnels before they focus on the pros and cons.

It seems that they like the ability to duplicate the funnels, and mentions the affiliate program of ClickFunnels as a way to get started if you don’t own a product.

On the negatives, they include the pricing and lack of 24-hour support like most ClickFunnels reviews.

However, they have added a new possible issue that has to do with the funnels’ loading time.

If the sales funnels are too slow, you may lose potential customers that have no patience to wait.

The last part of the post includes a 4.8 out of 5 final score.

The explanation is that they give this score compared with the other available options.

4. Small Business Trends

Clickfunnels Review

It is a blog with different types of internet marketing posts, and many posts are reviews on different marketing tools and programs.

The review of ClickFunnels includes both information and a bonus for the new members that join the software from their affiliate link.

The focus of Small Business Trends is on people who already have a product and want to improve their sales.

ClickFunnels are created to help other businesses, and it is their primary purpose until today.

You can use the software to build landing pages, webinars, membership sites, and different sales funnels.

Then, the writer mentions the benefits of the affiliate program.

There is a screenshot with his earnings.

He wants to motivate the readers to join the affiliate program, and some calls-to-actions mention his successes with ClickFunnels.

The bonuses include a guide on how he qualified for the dream car, email swipes, chat support, etc.

They may sound exciting, but ClickFunnels already has step-by-step videos by Russel Brunson and other big names on using the available tools and getting results.

The resources include email swipes and sales funnels too.

5. Mofluid

clickfunnels review

It is a blog for digital marketing articles but has published a ClickFunnels review and promote it as a top marketing program. It is not a standard review site, and this is obvious from the content.

They don’t include pros and cons but mention the features and some details about the software.

According to Mofluid, ClickFunnels is for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and wantrepreneurs.

They believe that anyone who wants to build a business or sell products can use ClickFunnels even if they don’t have a business yet.

The software can help them to create landing pages and promote their products or services effectively.

They understand that some people don’t like the pricing plans, but it’s worth the money compared to the other alternatives tools in the market.

They believe that it’s the best tool for a beginner because of the simplicity of ClickFunnels.

6. TrustRudius

clickfunnels review

TrustRudius includes reviews from users that have used ClickFunnels.

Each user can write a few words and give a ranking based on their experience.

The average score is 8.4 out of 10 when this article is written.

However, it may change in the future if more people share their opinion.

It’s a good score if you consider that these people are free to leave any ranking they want.

The most interesting part is that there are conflicting opinions from the users about the different features of ClickFunnels.

Some people turn off by the personalities that they can see on the videos because of their claims and extreme positivity. However, others have no problem with that.

Most people tend to agree that it’s a tool to generate more leads.

This is the main reason why people buy a sales funnel builder, so we understand the positive reviews.

ClickFunnels works well with traffic from different advertising programs.

If your focus is on getting paid traffic, it is an easy recommendation.

There are complaints about the lack of email functionality, support, the pricing plans of ClickFunnels, and the cost of the courses by Russell Brunson.

Some courses are high-ticket products and create frustration when people have unrealistic expectations when they buy it.

From these reviews, we can understand that it is important for buyers to know what they need for their business.

If you buy a tool that you don’t need, it will not improve anything. 

Lastly, we always need to put some effort and learn a new tool or strategy before expecting results.

7. Navid M

clickfunnels reviews

Navid M is a personal blog. The writer of the review is the creator of the blog and the person who published most posts.

It has a category only for software reviews, and we can find the post about ClickFunnels between these articles.

According to this post, ClickFunnels is for everyone that has a product to sell.

This is what Rusell Brunson mentions on the sales page of ClickFunnels as well.

However, you can assume that you can become an affiliate marketer and sell other people’s products if you don’t have a product.

The writer’s favorite points are that he can use ClickFunnels to save time and make money faster.

He saves time because he doesn’t have to build a sales funnel from scratch.

Every member can use the pre-made templates and the available resources.

The second part is what they advertise.

You can make money faster because it increases conversion rates.

The sales funnels work great with paid ads.

So, you can get more leads and sales or reduce expenses from your marketing and paid ads.

8. Revolist

clickfunnels review

Revolist is a review website.

The difference from most articles about ClickFunnels is that the writer adds a personal tone based on his experience with the tool.

He says that he has tested many similar tools, but he always goes back to ClickFunnels.

He likes the ease to use, the available templates, and different features.

However, it is mentioned FunnelFlix that you can use it as a program to learn for ClickFunnels.

He doesn’t like the lack of customization options.

ClickFunnels can become too simple for advanced users, and many people mention this problem with the sales funnel builder.

ClickFunnels has decided to focus on people that don’t have any knowledge of the technical parts.

They may think that an advanced user wouldn’t buy their products anyway because they can create their own funnels from zero.

The final verdict for this review is that everyone should join ClickFunnels if they have a product to sell.

9. Hack Spirit

clickfunnels review

The post of Hack Spirit is between a case study and a review. 

We can read basic information about the product, the opinion of the writer, and his results.

The basic information and details can be found elsewhere, so we start with the case study.

Lachlan Brown wanted to sell an ebook. He tried to get results with blogs and posts.

He had some results, but after using ClickFunnels, he increased sales by 150%.

It would be an impressive number for most online businesses.

Upselling was the key to these results because they increased the profit from each customer.

The special thing in this story is that he learned to build sales funnels with the One Funnel Way Away Challenge.

It is a training program and an upsell of ClickFunnels, but it can help people learn how to use sales funnels.

After one year using ClickFunnels, he liked the ease to use, the quality design, and the A/B testing.

He didn’t like the lack of analytics and tracking.

The final verdict is positive based on the results of his ebook.

10. Make A Website Hub

clickfunnels reivews

Make A Website Hub is a site that helps people to start a blog or a website.

It includes different reviews on hosting providers, domain registrars, website builders, and website software.

ClickFunnels seems to fit in the last category because it can help website owners to build sales funnel.

It presents ClickFunnels as an all-in-one solution and focuses on the available features.

It is a long review that explains the available tools and shows how they work in detail.

The review mentions the affiliate program, the available resources for affiliates, and the pricing plans as well.

The final verdict is that ClickFunnels is an impressive tool that will improve conversion rates.

So, a business can make more money if they use it right.


These 10 ClickFunnels reviews cover all the critical aspects of the software, the affiliate program, and the different features.

All the reviews are positive even if some of them were more positive than others.

It is a good thing to find positive reviews.

However, the good commissions of their affiliate program create some claims that could be a little unrealistic.

It’s on you to test the software and decide if you like it.

There is a 14-day free trial available for everyone.

Disclosure: When you purchase a service or a product through our links, we sometimes earn a commission.